Why Signing Harry Maguire Would Be A Bad Move For Manchester United?


Manchester United are still in the race for signing Harry Maguire from Leicester City. The English centre-back had a good season with the Foxes and an even better World Cup with the Three Lions. Now, with little bit over 10 days until the Premier League kicks off – and the match that will start it is the one between United and Leicester – the Devils are still in need of a centre-back.

We looked in recent days/weeks why that transfer would be a good one or what would be the positives to take out of it. But let’s stop there for a second and go the other direction. What would signing Harry Maguire be a bad move for Manchester United this summer? Let’s dig in.

Man United’s Lack Of Planning

Imagine this scenario – Manchester United know for the biggest part of the previous season that they are in an urge of signing a centre-back. And at least one. Marcos Rojo did not play much and was mostly injured, Phil Jones started decently but then it all went south, while Chris Smalling would probably be best if kept as part of the squad, on the fringes of the starting XI. Months of planning are ahead and United have the firing power to sign players from basically any league and most European clubs, with some obvious exceptions.

And then, with 10 days to go, there is still no one signed and Harry Maguire is the first option. He was good for Leicester, but he was not spectacular and it was only his first season at a decent level. And then he played a very good World Cup, being one of England’s best and most reliable players. So what would have happened if he did not play well? Or was benched? Or was not even in the squad, as just four or five months ago – when United already “started planning” new arrivals – he was not really likely to travel to Russia? Who would be the first target for Man United then?

Ed Woodward and the board are really good at exploring new markets, earning YouTube subscribers and bringing cash into the club from many different areas of club’s operations, but he is not good at assembling the squad.

Not The Marquee Signing

Harry Maguire would not be a marquee signing. He would not be the leader of this team, just by arriving at the club. You could not really say the same about Toby Alderweireld or Cesar Azpilicueta. The latter of the two would be harder to get from Chelsea, but United have done similar transfers before. Maguire is all well and good, but at this point United need a player of Leonardo Bonucci’s or Diego Godin’s ilk. Simply, Maguire is not that kind of player.

Too Much Money For His Quality

And the last point is tightly connected to the previous one. Why spending 65 million pounds on a player the club cannot truly be sure he will deliver what is necessary at this level rather than bringing in someone a bit older, but someone definitely better. Sure, that may need even more money to be spent, depending on which player we are talking about, but for the quality Maguire brings this seems too much. We all know the club can handle it, but just because it can it does not mean it should do it.

4 Comments on Why Signing Harry Maguire Would Be A Bad Move For Manchester United?

  1. Well first off…he would cost at least £80m.
    Apart from that…the analysis is total pants!
    Harry came into a Foxes side that a year previously had been champions!
    He quickly became a leader.
    He had never played internationally until last year…but suddenly he was a talisman!
    The man is a natural leader…which is why we will keep him at City and why United can whistle!

  2. This article is one-sided an, at the onset, admits that it will be one-sided. I don’t believe Maguire is the best CD in the world. However, if I ask “Would the presence of Maguire improve United’s side?”, the answer is a resounding “YES”. With time getting short before the transfer window closes, United don’t have much time to bring in a good quality CD. I am okay with Mina but I’m also okay with Maguire. I cannot fathom paying the money Spurs want for Alderweireld – United would be better off letting Toby know that he’s wanted at United and wait for a year until his price drops to $25m.

  3. I wish to see Maguire and Willian landed in Old Trafford before the transfer window close. Because the are quality players that will bring change in #United.

  4. Maguire can bring the ball out with assurance and directive running, and the reported £60M fee is less than what the scousers paid for Van Dick 😊 …For me he’d be a welcome addition….the way the market is at the moment 60million is just above average….buying clubs are gonna get their asses smacked most times….

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