Report: Manchester United Set To Land Romelu Lukaku For Nearly €85M

Manchester United finally found the striker they were looking for. And even though the rumours indicated that Alvaro Morata was set to land at Old Trafford, it turns out the Spaniard is not the player arriving to Old Trafford.

Instead, Manchester United will sign Romelu Lukaky. That is not a typo. The Red Devils will land one of the top scorers in the English Premier League last season.

Before all of you start celebrating, wait. Hold your horses, everyone. The deal has not been made official, but it should become a done deal in the coming days or maybe hours. But there is no question Lukaku will become an impact player for the club. And his sole presence should transform United into a bonafide title contender right away.

A Proven Goalscorer

Lukaku is coming off a 23-goal season with Everton in the 2016-17 campaign. He will be the perfect replacement for Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who was released after suffering a season-ending injury in April this year. United had Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial on the squad, but Lukaku is a clear upgrade over both. He has been quite successful over the past two years, and now he will have the chance to play in the UEFA Champions League.

It was rumoured Lukaku was headed to Chelsea, but United have won the race to sign the Belgium international. Lukaku is only 24 years old, which means he is several years away from hitting his prime. Can you imagine how good he will be in four or five more years? This is a huge signing for United, as he will be a key player for both the present and the future of the team.

The Transfer Fee

Lukaku will join United for around €85,5 million, a steep price but something that needed to be done. If we consider Real Madrid recently rejected a €70M offer for Alvaro Morata, there is no question signing a better player for only €15M more is quite a win for the club.

Lukaku has a track record that speaks for himself. He can play all over the attacking third, but there is no question he fits better as a centre forward. And he has confirmed he can be a reliable scoring threat at the EPL level, thanks to 85 goals and 34 assists in 186 Premier League appearances. He netted 25 times in 37 Premier League matches with Everton.

The deal has not been announced yet, but all signs indicate United will land him in the coming hours. This is exactly the signing United needed. It shows their contenders they are serious in their quest to win titles this upcoming season.

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