Why Have Manchester United Been So Slow In The Transfer Market This Summer?

Jose Mourinho is upset. And that is not a good thing for Manchester United supporters.

The Portuguese tactician has said repeatedly that the team needs to improve ahead of the next season. The return to the UEFA Champions League means the club must bring reinforcements on both sides of the ball. But instead, United have only signed Victor Lindelöf. Anderson Talisca, Nemanja Matic, Fabinho and Alvaro Morata remain as potential additions, but nothing has been confirmed so far.

As a result, United have been left stranded while their competition looks far more active on the market. Liverpool signed Mohamed Salah, Arsenal are on the verge of landing Alexandre Lacazette, and Manchester City signed Bernardo Silva. Chelsea look quite active as well. And United? Well, you get the point.

And due to this, “The Special One” has every right to be upset.

Who Is To Blame?

It is hard to analyse who has the blame here. While teams involve directly in transfer talks, there are several things that need to be considered. Maybe Mourinho wants players United simply can’t get. Or maybe the directors have been a bit slow on their talks with other clubs. Or who knows, maybe United simply does not want to overpay, perhaps knowing they can get the players for the right prize later in the summer.

To be fair, we can’t put all the blame on Ed Woodward’s shoulders either. The club’s chairman was given a list of positions United needed to strengthen according to Mourinho, but he can’t force teams to accept their bids. Let’s look at some examples of why United have not been able to complete their deals this summer.

What’s Going On With The Potential Transfers?

For instance, we have the case of Nemanja Matic. Chelsea are in talks to sign Monaco midfielder Tiemoue Bakayoko, but the agreement has not been finalised yet. And United would need to wait for that to happen before clearing the way to land Matic. By the way, the Serbian midfielder is keen to reunite with former boss Mourinho at Old Trafford. But United can’t force Chelsea to accept their bid when they have not signed their replacement.

Then we have the issue with Alvaro Morata and, to a lesser extent, James Rodriguez. Morata’s move to United could also rest on Real Madrid bringing in another forward. And James is not going to leave unless Real have a clear picture of what is going to happen with Cristiano Ronaldo.

We can see that on both Matic’s and Morata’s cases, it’s a matter of the parent club not moving enough to complete the deal with United. And that’s not United’s fault.

What Should Mourinho Do?

Well, the answer is quite simple. There’s not much Mourinho can do, except maybe putting some pressure on the directors to complete the deals soon.

While the reasoning above might be the proper explanation to clarify what has happened this summer, the most likely scenario is that Mourinho does not want to hear any excuses. Mourinho came to United to win titles and put the club right back where it belongs, but it’s clear he can’t do it with the current squad. He needs reinforcements – and soon – if United want to contend for both the Premier League and the Champions League titles next season.

Otherwise, the club is at risk of losing Mourinho for good. And that’s something United can’t afford, because he’s the right man to lead the club back into the promised land.

7 Comments on Why Have Manchester United Been So Slow In The Transfer Market This Summer?

  1. LoL,So Arsenal are “on the verge” of signing someone; Chelsea haven’t signed anyone, but apparently “look quite active”; Liverpool, just like United, have signed ONE player.., but United are slow in the market? You people really need to get a life and stop with this bullshit.

  2. Some signings are waiting for others, but what about persic and Fabinho, get them signed, others will see the ball has started to roll!

    The present position is wrong and has the feel of the summer we ended up with fellani!

  3. What Is Going To Happen Is Dat , To Advice Jose To Put Pressure To A Ed Woodward

  4. We have got to get rid of Woodward he does not know what he is doing . If David Gill was still those Jose would of had the players he wanted .

  5. Jose should put presure on the vice Ed woodward to bring the money. man utd have the money so. let buy the players for him let see what jose can do with them pls. up man utd for life.

  6. I think mourinho only told the public he wanted certain players to put them off the right Ines he his signing very good thinking mourinho your a genius

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