Ivan Perisic And Alvaro Morata Pressing Their Clubs In An Effort To Join Manchester United

Manchester United already secured the services of Victor Lindelof from Benfica before the start of the transfer window. And we have seen The Red Devils as likely destination for several high-profile players. However, the club has not announced new signings.

That could change in the coming days, though. According to several reports in European press outlets, Ivan Perisic and Alvaro Morata would try to seal their transfers to Old Trafford in the coming days. And both are keen to force a move from their current club to play for United next season.

Money Is The Deal-Breaker On Ivan Perisic’s Case

Ivan Perisic has said repeated times he wants to come to Old Trafford. And Jose Mourinho wants him as the starting left winger – or at the very least, he wants to start a competition for that role with Anthony Martial, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, and the potential arrival of the Croatian star. The one thing that is blocking the deal is the money involved in the transfer fee. Inter want €55 million for their player, but United want to pay around €30M.

This is where the players’ wish comes to mind. Perisic told his agent he does not want to remain in Inter, and that he wants to join Manchester United instead. And while Inter are interested in offering Perisic a new contract to increase his value, Perisic told his agent to reject all offers. Since his current deal expires in 2020, Inter needs to sell him quickly because otherwise, his value would keep decreasing.

Morata’s Arrival A Done Deal?

In Morata’s case, things have gotten a bit tricky of late. Real Madrid’s chairman Florentino Perez insists there are no talks between clubs for a transfer involving the striker. However, it has been reported that the Spain international cut his honeymoon short to speed things up. And some outlets have gone as far as saying that the player himself told his camp that deal “is done”.

So what would be missing, then? Mourinho wants Morata as the team’s attacking reference, and Madrid are keen to sell him for the right price. There might be differences on the transfer fee, but this saga should not extend further. All signs indicate Morata will join United sooner than later. And the sooner he can start training with the club, the better. A big part of United’s aspirations next season would lie on his shoulders – in case he arrives, of course.

But if we analyse the efforts both players are doing, it seems both will be part of United’s first-team squad by the time the season starts. United need to move quickly because both would improve the side a great deal.

7 Comments on Ivan Perisic And Alvaro Morata Pressing Their Clubs In An Effort To Join Manchester United

  1. The transfer market is already money intoxicated no thanks to manutd n madrid. All utd need do is increase perisic deal to €45million. At least inter’ll consider n for morata they should swoop 4 ABUMAYANG who’s avaliable for £63million n increase morata to £70million.

  2. Money should not be a stumbling block to signing Morata and Perisic if next season means anything to Man Utd.The fierce competition involves big teams and those struggling to find a place on top.Moreso,Europe is there. Please, we have done it before, we can do it again.

  3. this is the reason why manutd always struggle interms of champions league,winning trophies, and infact undergo defeats to teams people don’t expect,to buy a good player to challenge for trophies Money should not be a stumbling block,do you know the reason behind real madrid’s success,it is because they don’t hesitate in buying quality players I want this message to teach the board of man united…these are my details +23288761600, or +23277040030 solomon sency bindi a die hearted fan of man utd (sierra leone)

  4. Why is so hard to add the amount asked by morata and perisic if you really care about manchester united progress next season?mourihno has given the names needed then ed wood play your part dont be stubborn on the deals

  5. Mourinho should hasten up in signing Morata and Perisic because he doesn’t now,uniteds is gonna regret it tomorrow

  6. they r letting us down as man-u fans we should significantly increase the amounts and buy those quality players to win titles.man-u i think is the richest club in the world why fail to buy players

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