De Gea move on the verge of being complete

David De Gea

AUTHOR: – Doron

Manchester United are all but able to confirm that David De Gea is the man they’ve chosen to replace Edwin van der Sar at Old Trafford.

With Edwin retiring, who should replace him has been an ongoing debate for some time now amongst United fans and the press. It seems almost certain that David De Gea is the one they’ve gone for though. United’s interest in the 20 year old has long been known of and a couple of months ago United made their first foray into the transfer market with a bid for him.

In the time since rumours of a bid, there have been concerns over whether his heart was in a potential move to United given how long it had taken him to agree personal terms however it seems he’s now accepted a move and is set to move to Manchester with his girlfriend and parents. United’s goalkeeping coach, Eric Steele, has been taking Spanish lessons for some time now in order to help David settle in with his move. Interestingly, Edwin van der Sar is said to have recommended Ajax’s Maarten Stekelenburg – who will now be Atletico Madrid’s top target to replace De Gea.

Considering his age, he’s already played 83 first team games for Atletico, been capped at every youth level for Spain and has made their senior squad too. He’s credited with being a good footballer, comfortable in possession whilst he’s confident, calm and widely considered to be in the mould of Edwin.

After Gary Neville’s testimonial tonight, Sir Alex told Sky Sports:

“We’ve been working on it for quite a while. We identified him quite a while back as one we should go for. He’s a young goalkeeper, very quick, good composure, presence and an oustanding replacement for van der Sar. We were looking for same type of qualities as Edwin, composure and organisational ability. De Gea is very similar that way.”

I believe United have got the best young goalkeeper in world football – he’s certainly always been my first choice. Do you think De Gea is the right man? What do you think his strengths are and do you have any concerns?

AUTHOR: – Doron

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14 Comments on De Gea move on the verge of being complete

  1. I have to confess I’ve not seen him play yet.

    He’s young for a keeper and I just hope he has the strength of character to bounce back when he makes an inevitable mistake.

    Would I be wrong in saying Fergie isn’t known for having patience with keepers who he thinks have lost their nerve? Leighton and Howard spring to mind, I could well be wrong.

    If De Gea works out he could be our No.1 for the next 15 years (or until Barca need a new GK) which would be incredible.

  2. Nice breaking news Doron, keep up the good work! Im with you, think we have one of the top 3 keepers in world football in the next decade. Will prob take him time to get used to the physical nature of the premiership, and he will probably learn the hard way a few times (same as the great Schmeichel and Edwin at Fulham), but we are Manchester United, we will give the lad the time he needs.
    What a great week so far for us Reds, lets hope we are still celebrating come saturday night. I have a funny feeling it is written in the stars for us!!
    Connor (Ireland)

  3. @Chase – you’re right RE patience Chase. Fergie/the club have been watching De Gea and others for a year (at least) now and he’s said that whoever comes in will get support and backing. It’s inevitable that a new goalkeeper regardless of age and experience will make a mistake at some point and like you said, it’s important he can come back from it and we can back him. The potential of spending roughly £18m on a 15 year investment is excellent.

  4. Great signing. Welcome to Man Utd, best and biggest club in the world ! I believe we have got one of the best, if not the best talented keeper in the world.

  5. De Gea is no doubt a great young player. His reflexes seem to be outstanding, and his potential near limitless. However, he’s never faced the pressure that will be relentless at Manchester United (The Europa League is not the same, and neither is the mid table of La Liga). His record this season in the league was not great (11 clean sheets and 53 goals conceded in 38 games), and he still has a long way to go. I would have preferred to sign Stekelenberg, a full international in the prime of his career, who has already dealt with the pressure of the Champions League, title races, and the World Cup (where he made the save of the tournament against Kaka to keep his team alive).

  6. I have to say I am a little nervous due to the lads age.
    I’ve always felt that keepers tend to prime later when they mature.
    I think coming into OT as a No 1 will take a lot of character, a lot of good keepers have struggled to come to terms with the job.

    Personally I would be tempted to get Buffon as I believe he is on a free & has been there & bought the T-Shirt.
    With a bit of luck though he step up and show a similar maturity that Joe Hart has over the last couple of seasons with Birmingham and Citeh.

  7. I thought he was back now. I just like the idea of an old head as both lingaard & de gea are quite young

  8. Ah. Dunno, then. Wikipedia reckons he’s got a contract until 2013, though.

    I can see the merit in signing an older keeper as an experienced head, provided it’s nobody too expensive and they’re willing to ride the bench. 😀

  9. I’m still nervous about this. Obviously I hope he works out and makes me eat crow but a 20 year old keeper at the most famous club in the world really strikes me as scary. Let’s not forget Mark Bosnich, Fabien Barthez, Massimo Taibi, Raimond van der Gouw, Andy Goram and Roy Carroll.

  10. @Chillmike I understand the scepticism but De Gea’s the best young goalkeeper in the world. Most of those on that list where simply number twos and to be fair Barthez was considered to be one of the best around at the time. Few 20 year old goalkeepers have the experience he already has – the list of coaches/players that admire him is endless. It’s a gamble and a risk for sure but I think it’s one well worth doing.

  11. No one thought that the signing at this time last year – Javier Hernandez from Chivas Guadalajare – was anything other than a bargain-basement purchase.

    18 months ago it was considered a sign of desperation that SAF authorized spending 10 million for a raw, big-boned kid who had recently made the jump from Maidstone to Fulham – that turned out alright and Chris Smalling is now a corner-stone of UTD’s future.

    NOW we sign a kid who is generally recognized to be the best young keeper in Europe – and some people say that he’s too young.


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