The Red Report: Rafael, Eikrem’s departure and Darren Bent

Welcome to the eleventh issue of The Red Report, the round table discussion of all things Manchester United by your favourite United blogs: The Busby WayStretford-EndBangalore To Old TraffordManUtd24, United Youth, and Red Force Rising.

Unlike English football, we’ve had a winter break…but we’re back and discussing Rafael, Eikrem and Darren Bent this week.

Few would argue that Rafael is very much now first choice in the United side, his progress this season has been praised by team-mates and staff at the club. We share our own thoughts on his development and the sending off/FA charge last weekend:

Chudi | The Busby Way: The FA Charge against Rafa was ridiculous and I’m glad sense was seen and he wasn’t punished further.

A lot is being made of the challenge that saw him get his first yellow and it was bad but to be fair he did get some of the ball. The second yellow was ridiculous and in such an important game, I can see why he lost his rag after being sent off.

Rafa has come along leaps this season and the defensive side of his game is matching the offensive, he’ll be an important player for years to come.

Doron | Stretford-End: This season he’s been the best right back in the league. He’s the best young right back in the world at the moment. Anderson said in a recent interview that within two years, Rafael will be recognised as the best right back in world football. That’s all hopefully to come but for now he’s successfully passed the Neville/Brown/O’Shea challenge and made the right back spot his own. This season defensive sense, strength and a slight hint of arrogance have brought about maturing performances – strange to use the word mature when he’s only 20.

I don’t mind incidents like his sending off at Spurs. Every player has their moments. I’d rather Rafael played with passion and heart than try and remove something natural from his game. He was correctly charged by The FA but he’ll learn from it, that’s for sure. He seems to have cut out the general rash diving into tackles and I thought he didn’t get the praise he deserved for nullifying Bale – the flavour of the season, world extraordinaire – twice this season (and Nasri too). Bigger tests await but for me he’s one of the first names on the team-sheet every game now.

Kyle | Stretford-End: Was his sending off absurd? Yes. That was one of the more ridiculous yellow cards I’ve seen this season, especially on a second yellow. It seemed Rafael did everything he could to avoid contact, and was unfortunate that he couldn’t prevent his momentum from bringing down the Tottenham player. A warning would’ve been more than sufficient, especially with the young Brazilian trying to avoid making contact. I would’ve been frustrated in his shoes as well. It was a very light sending off, but that doesn’t give you the right to argue with the official. Rafael his still young, and with experience he will learn to keep his temper in check; although hopefully not too much as I feel that energy contributes to his play. Also, this may be a bit off topic, but it doesn’t help when an experienced player like Wayne Rooney is alongside him yelling to the point of getting a yellow for dissent. Rooney is no longer a teenager; at the age of 25 and in this seventh season at Old Trafford, Rooney should be at a point now where he can start setting an example for younger players like Rafael.

Siddarth | Bangalore to Old Trafford: Rafael’s sending off was an absurd decision to say the least and his reaction didn’t surprise me, and I think any player would have been frustrated if they were at the receiving end of such a silly booking! But his argument with the referee wasn’t the right thing to do, and the FA charge was justified I think, and the punishment handed out to Rafael seems fair enough.

Rafael is only 20 and so far this season has been among our best players. A minor setback for him and like before I’m sure he’ll come out a better player from all this. Rafael has certainly cemented his place in the team as the no. 1 right back and hopefully will remain so for the rest of his career.

TG | ManUtd24: Rafael’s been excellent this season – just ask Wes Brown, John O’Shea and Gary Neville. He’s shown ever so much down that right flank and his work at the back has significantly improved. A problem remains however; his naivety – often it helps his game, but sometimes it doesn’t. This view might be very unpopular but I think Rafael deserves to be charged. Was it a red card? That’s debatable; his second challenge against Spurs which led to his sending off looked quite harsh – but his first challenge (which he was subsequently booked for) was something of the ugly sort and, on another day, he would be off. But his reaction was totally unnecessary; the Respect campaign was put into place to stop that kind of thing. He needs to learn that, and he will, and ‘respect’ the officials. That applies whether or not he feels aggrieved.

Alan | RedForceRising: Rafael has improved significantly in the past 6 months after initially being frozen out of the squad during the first 6 weeks of the season. Maybe it was Ferguson’s way of punishing the player for his sending off against Bayern, maybe it was to give the player time to get himself together. Whatever the intention, it’s worked and Rafael is now unquestionably the first-choice right back, which I am very thankful for. John O’Shea may be committed to the cause, but his mediocre displays just highlighted how much Rafael has to offer.

Sir Alex was deemed to have spoken to early when he mentioned that Rafael is not making rash decisions this season, only to get sent off against Spurs, but the gaffer has a point. Rafael’s decision-making is much, much better this season and he is a lot more composed in the penalty area. His displays against Gareth Bale have been a very good and a good measure of how his defensive game has improved, while his attacking forays against Spurs were indicative of the attacking potential this lad possesses. What he needs to do is stop making the unnecessary challenges like the one which resulted in his first yellow against Spurs. A fullback is likely to pick up bookings, but not in the middle of the pitch, when there are team mates behind you who can help out.

We possibly have one of the best young players in the world at our club, there are various opinions on how he should be nurtured but his progression this season is enough for us all to agree that little needs to change.

Our second topic is Magnus Eikrem. There seems to have been little actually said about him since he left to sign a three year contract at FK Molde with Ole. We share our thoughts on his move and whether we agree with it…

Kyle | Stretford-End: I really need to quit watching the Reserves because all the players I have high hopes for end up moving on. Magnus Eikrem is a fine player and the fact that he was never given a chance in the senior sign is almost criminal. He excelled in the Reserves, and in my humble opinion was ready to take the next step. Alas, he was never even given so much as a few minutes in the Carling Cup. The one concern I always had was that he lacked the strength required for Premier League football, but that is something that can be worked on. All the attributes for success were there, but it seems that potential will go unfulfilled at Old Trafford. I think he’ll have a brilliant career at Molde under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, and I certainly wish him the best of luck. I’ve never been this sad to see someone go who hasn’t even made their debut. Hopefully the reports of a buy-back clause are true because I honestly believe he has the ability to be a star.

Alan | RedForceRising: In internet parlance, I am disappointed! Not as disappointed as when Giuseppe Rossi left the club, but disappointed nonetheless. Eikrem is the best midfielder I had seen come through the ranks seen Fergie’s Fledglings. He had a great range of passing and contributed goals. He seemed more polished than Rodrigo Possebon and had a level-headed maturity about him, which would have seen him improve steadily. All those positives, and yet he wasn’t given a crack at some first-team game time. To me it doesn’t seem to bode well for the other youngsters when the reserves best player is sold without a senior appearance to his name.

TG | ManUtd24: It’s a shame to see let a talent like Magnus Eikrem slip through our fingers. While he might have not played as many games in a competitive environment as he might deserve too; it’s unfortunate to see the back of him. That’s not to say that his move to Molde FK isn’t a bad thing – he deserves to play regular football and will benefit under the guidance of Ole Solskjaer. Maybe, after a good season or two with the Norwegian outfit, Sir Alex can prize him back.

Siddarth | Bangalore to Old Trafford: The one player in the reserves I swore would be a regular in the first was Magnus, and unfortunately he never got a chance to show what he can in the premiership! The fact that Sir Alex never gave Eikrem a chance in the first team still surprises me. But I know better than to doubt the judgment of Sir Alex.

Eikrem has already started his career at Molde in style, reportedly putting in a Man Of The Match performance in his first appearance for the club in a friendly. Under Ole Gunnar Solksjaer, Eikrem is sure to blossom and I won’t be surprised to see him become one of the main players in the Norwegian national team. Hopefully rumors of a buy back clause on Eikrem are true and we get to see Magnus play for United in the future.

Doron | Stretford-End: I’m honestly stuck in two minds. Eikrem was the first player I profiled for Stretford-End – he seemed the most obvious choice because to me, he was the most talented player in the Reserves. There is little doubt he was rated highly internally, he was given a squad number and made the substitute’s bench a few times; the biggest praise he got was from Ferguson himself who in October said the club wouldn’t send him on loan because they wanted him to challenge the first team for places. His departure therefore seems odd. His contract was up in the summer and so having not signed one it was clear he’d leave with Ole and it’s a good move for him. He gets to go back home and play under a coach he knows well. If he does well then he may get a good move at some point in the future.

On the other hand though, would he ever have made it at United? I want to believe he would because we give kids a chance, he always stood out in Reserve games and he was able to combat his weakness, his lack of strength, by dropping deep or sitting high – he always bought himself an extra yard of space to work in. However, I’ve discussed Magnus many times with Ian – @manutdreserves, who has seen more Reserves and Academy games than I probably ever will. Ian quite rightly tells me that players like David Jones used to stand out like Magnus did and therefore we were right to get rid of Eikrem. I remember David Jones but never quite felt he had the same quality as Magnus. I’ll always trust Ian on this one and although I think he does underrate Eikrem a bit he certainly has a point; maybe we’ve all overestimated him too?! Either way, I highly recommend a quick read of Ian’s thoughts on Eikrem’s departure. Time will tell, hopefully Magnus will have a good career and maybe with luck and hard work will end up back at Old Trafford. If not, well at least I was entertained by him for the few years he was at the club, it’s just a shame he never got a proper chance.

Chudi | The Busby Way: The sale of Eikrem was one that baffled me. I was a huge fan of his at such a young age – he looked so classy and mature. Whilst we don’t know the inside details I hoped he would at least have been given a chance in the first team. He was getting to the age where he needed to be playing football so a move with Ole to Molde made the most sense. His performance on his debut is an indication of what he is capable of so I’m pleased we supposedly have a buy back clause!

In general, most of us seem to feel it’s a shame he left without getting a first team opportunity but if he’s good enough then over time he’ll prove that.

As per usual we decided to look at a non-United topic. This week we discuss Darren Bent’s bumper transfer from Sunderland to Aston Villa:

Chudi | The Busby Way: Darren Bent jumping ship and moving to Aston Villa was the ultimate mercenary move. Sunderland leant a hand when he was in a stressful situation at Spurs and he jumped ship. Looking at it from his perspective, he is moving to arguably a bigger team and probably more money.

£18m rising to £24m is a bit exorbitant but from Sunderland’s perspective it is good business and they still have time to replace him if they see fit.

Doron | Stretford-End: It’s a mind boggling fee. £18m upfront and that could rise to £24m. Crazy money. For £24m you’re just the one million shy of buying Rooney! If you’re the selling club it’s a brilliant fee because Bent just isn’t worth that – however, for Sunderland with only Gyan fit (Welbeck is out for 6-8 weeks) then it’s only a good fee if it can be reinvested immediately in at least one good enough striker. For Villa, it’s a big fee and I’m not really sure where they as a club are headed. If Bent’s goals keep Villa up then he’s worth every penny. Certainly Randy Lerner is making a brilliant statement of intent and is backing Houllier.

I’ve never been a fan of Bent. He gets goals as a poacher but that’s about it. If Downing, Young and Albrighton can supply him then he’ll continue to score at Villa. I have to say I was amused to find myself agreeing with Wenger for once yesterday. He said that very view players in world football are worth more than £20-24m at the moment – he’s right. This transfer is just another fine example of an English footballer being transferred between two English clubs for too much money. I think Villa will be the winners though, Bent will get goals and Bruce seems pretty peeved off at Sunderland with it. As for Bent himself, well he’s moved for money, pretty despicable but in any job if someone offers you more money elsewhere for doing the same role, you’re unlikely to say no!

Siddarth | Bangalore to Old Trafford: When I heard that Villa were about to sign Bent for £24 million, I was shocked! The news came out of nowhere, there were no rumors or speculation about the transfer and Aston Villa have certainly got themselves a very good striker, but the money they paid for him is really over inflated!

Will Darren Bent prove worth the money spent on him, only time will tell, but he has made an excellent start to his Villa career and I think he endeared himself with many united fans too after his winner against City last night?

Bent isn’t the first player English player to be sold at such an exorbitant price, players like Barry, Milner, Bentley, Johnson, etc. have all been bought by their clubs at really crazy prices and this is exactly why managers prefer to look abroad for players of similar caliber who come much cheaper! The likes of Modric, Arteta, Cahill, Van der Vaart, etc. have all been bought at prices much cheaper than the English players and have proved to be better than the too!

TG | ManUtd24: I know VAT has increased but not by this much! £18million? Seriously? Steve Bruce has every right to feel annoyed with the manner in which his star striker left the club, but surely the sight of some extra dosh will help calm him down. Bent’s move also brings player loyalty back into debate – he’s shown none of it. Aston Villa are a club in decline – they look to be heading in survival/relegation territory. And I think Bent will notice that as time goes on.

Alan | RedForceRising: What a mercenary! But as last night’s game showed, at least he’s a useful mercenary. I was under the impression that Darren Bent was really happy at Sunderland. He was playing week-in week-out, he was scoring goals for fun, the fans and his team mates adored him, so I don’t believe he traded Sunderland for Aston Villa for sporting reasons. Having said that, if he scores against the teams around us and doesn’t score against Manchester United, that’s absolutely fine by me.

Kyle | Stretford-End: To be honest, £24 million is probably more than I would have paid for Darren Bent, but after he scored the winner in his debut against City I feel compelled to call him the signing of the season. All sarcasm aside though, I do believe Bent will be a good signing for Villa. He is a proven goalscorer, a point which he has proven while at Sunderland. Last season he finished third in scoring for the Premier League behind Didier Drogba and Wayne Rooney. That says a lot. I’ve always though Bent was a very good player, but not on the level of world class.

The one thing about this ordeal is that I think it’s unfair to Sunderland and a step back for him. Sunderland rescued him from life on the bench at Tottenham, and now he’s ready to leave for a club below Sunderland in the table. The Black Cats are pushing for a spot in Europe while Aston Villa are hovering above relegation. Something about this seems slightly off.

English footballer + a transfer = a ridiculous fee! Our sympathy seems to be aimed in the direction of Sunderland in this one.


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7 Comments on The Red Report: Rafael, Eikrem’s departure and Darren Bent

  1. On the Bent thing – are you lot crazy/ Fair enough at this moment in time Sunderland are further up the table than Villa but do you really think that weill be the case next season? Man for man Villa are a better in nrealy every position.

  2. At the moment, who’s to say Villa are going to get the wins to be in the PL next season!? Man for man often counts for very little, hence Wolves beating Liverpool at Anfield less than a month ago. Downing and Young have both been linked with moves away and whilst Villa have good kids, they have little depth. Right now Sunderland are in a good position and Villa are in a relegation battle…go figure!! Bent moved for money – there is little between the two squads. And the fee…exorbitant!!

  3. villa are 6 points off 8th, some relegation battle. I know man utd fans are seen as a laughing stock, but honestly, villa relegation/survival battle, in decline, rafael to be the best rb in the world soon!!!!!!! BEHAVE!!

  4. You’d honestly say right now Villa aren’t in a relegation battle?! 6 points off 8th but 4 off the bottom…pretty much every team from 7th down is in danger as is the nature of the league this season. No one in their right mind thought Villa would be 16th and 3 points off the relegation zone as we come towards the end of January. 25 points from 23 games is sadly relegation battle form…there’s no two ways about it

  5. Neutrals or rival fans who haven’t watched Rafael this season will not understand how good the kid is and how good he can become. His attacking foraya are not just about running down the flank and crossing it, but using trickery to geti into the opponeents penalty area. His defending seldom require last ditch tackles becauae he either attacks the ball before it reaches the winger he’s marking or knows how to usher the winger so that he needs to pass it instead of making a dangerous run.

    There are not many right backs better than Rafael in the prem and within two seasons there won’t be many better in Europe.

  6. The more I think about the Bent situation the more I think that, as high as it seems, it’s probably a good deal for Villa as well as being a fantastic deal for Sunderland. You just have to realise players don’t have a hard valuation. It varies from team to team.

    Look at Villa’s out and out forwards. Nobody wants to rely on Heskey, Carew’s been punted out on loan, Delfuonso is still a young player and Gabby Agbonlahor appears (from what I’ve seen) to have been found out as a speed merchant and struggles for ideas and movement against defences that are happy to let him have the ball in front of them. They’re at the arse end of the table and struggling for results even in games where they make chances. They needed somebody who could make an instant impact, and they’ve got somebody who all the signs suggest can do that for them given the service. And they have plenty of players in Albright, Young and Downing (to name just three) who can provide that service.

    So would Darren Bent be worth £18-24m for United? Or Arsenal? Almost certainly not. For Sunderland? I think Bruce can keep the team ticking over and will buy some good players with that money, and now they find out how good Gyan can be when he’s the main man.

    But for Villa? Just maybe. With the increase in prize money on offer for even a few places gained in the league is significant in the Premier League just now, and if they can keep him supplied Bent’s goal ratio suggests he could be worth a place or two for Villa in the league over a few years and a number more than that this season.

    I think if you view any transfer fee as the value to the two clubs involved rather than trying to assign a player an arbitrary valuation then deals like the one for Bent can start to make more sense.

  7. My opinion was that if Bent’s goals keep Villa in the PL then he’s worth every penny. The fact is that it’s not long ago that say a £12m signing for an average PL team would have been that marquee kind of signing. It’s only a good deal for Sunderland if 1. they can sign at least one good replacement striker and 2. if they don’t regress as a result of having only Gyan fit now

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