Harry wants Rooney? Give us Bale and you’re on

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has admitted that he would like to sign Wayne Rooney from Manchester United.

He has intimated that he will talk to Daniel Levy regarding the possibility of signing the wantaway forward; I’d suggest a straight swap for Gareth Bale ought to do it at this stage.

For Harry’s full comments, read on.

“I’m going to speak to the chairman and see if he’s going to get Rooney to Tottenham – but I doubt very much that will happen. He’s not going to be cheap, is he? But at the end of the day, if he does not sign a new contract, Wayne Rooney will be a free agent.

“What an amazing situation that would be – a player worth £50m or £60m who would be a free agent. There’s always going to be interest when the best players become available and I’m sure there’s going to be some big fish who want him.

“Wayne Rooney is a fantastic player. He’s had a bad spell for the past two or three months but he’s a great player.

“But I think the players do have the power now. He’s in a situation where he’s got 18 months left on his contract. If he doesn’t want to sign a new one he will be a free agent and walk away.

“What a position to be in but you have to be realistic. He’s in a position where somebody could then give him, Wayne Rooney personally, £30million to sign him – and they’d still be getting a cheap player – even if the wages were then on top.

“He has just 18 months to get through before he is free. It would be difficult but if that’s the road he wants to go down there’s nothing Manchester United could do about it. It would be impossible for them to stop it.

“All they could do is keep on coming up with better offers to get him to sign a new contract but that’s the option he has. All I would say, for sure, is that he wouldn’t find a better club than Manchester United, or a better manager. It would be a shame if it ended that way.”

“These things need to be coming out in the open. The game belongs to the people and the people should know more about what’s happening. The most important people in football are the ones who pay the wages, and that is the fans.”

I blogged earlier that if he wants out, I would like Rooney out in January and David Beckham back as a temporary successor to the number 10 shirt. In my article on Sunday I accurately predicted a hell of a storm was about to hit, and suggested it would include Rooney.

I also repeated my wish for us to sign Gareth Bale in the same blog. Right now, I’d take him in a straight swap. If Sir Alex is on the ball, he’ll be on the phone to his old friend suggesting exactly that. It’s not about money anymore; it matters not if we get £30m or £50m, it’s about acquiring the right player. Bale, as I said, would always be my first choice. If there’s a chance of getting him in and Rooney out in one fell swoop?

All the better.

4 Comments on Harry wants Rooney? Give us Bale and you’re on

  1. Myabe I’m being too unrealistic but I think I’d want nearer to Modrid and Bale. Or at least Van der Vaart?

  2. you and your wet dreams. Fuck me, don’t you get it? we are now, this is OUR time, Harry is not some mug that is gonna shot out best players to the likes of you.

    He will more than likely break the wgae structure and win the title than bale showing up to work at carrington with Ferhie who has finally lost it and the dressing room.

    You really are mugs. I could go on but that’s not necessary is it.

    Tell your mumma I’m gonna be over later

  3. Thank god we have spastic twats to give us a balanced view of stories from a different perspective. Its times like this that I wonder if maybe I should join the intellectual giants at Tottenham. Might as well seeing as United are on the downward spiral and are going to be overthrown by Spurs in their quest to start a new era in world football

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