04 October 2010 | Stretty Stories

I apologize for the recent lack of Stretty Stories. Last week, I had two exams and a couple papers due, but all my academic work is now successfully completed. I will be back to compiling all of the Manchester United news on a regular basis, so be sure to check the site daily for new Stretty Stories posts.

In today’s news, we have Wayne Rooney discussing his struggles, Ryan Giggs’ dreams of succeeding Sir Alex, Michael Carrick’s wish to remain at Old Trafford, and news on Owen Hargreaves’ impending return to action.

Wayne Rooney: I’m only human – The Guardian

It’s no secret that Wayne Rooney has struggled in the early stages of this campaign. Much of the blame for his dip in form has been placed on the controversy surrounding his personal life. For the first time since allegations of an affair were made public, Rooney has spoken out about his suffering both on and off the pitch. Rooney’s defense was simply: “I’m only a human being.” I’m actually inclined to agree with him. Rooney became our superhero last season leading the team in goals as we just nearly missed out on a fourth consecutive Premier League title. It’s not unusual for United fans to worship and idolize club heroes, sometimes to the point that we forget they are just men. Rooney is not perfect, but honestly, none of us are. We all make mistakes; why should he be any different? He has the same emotions and struggles that we have; and just like us those struggles can impact his life. The striker admits that he is hurting and needs to rediscover his form, but he also claims a change in position has impacted him as well. Last season, Sir Alex used Rooney as the out-and-out striker, but Berbatov’s improved form as seen him claim that role instead. Whatever he needs to do, I hope he gets his problems figured out and begins performing at the levels we all know he’s capable of. Rooney insists he needs a run in the team to find his form. I believe all of us United fans can agree we eagerly await Rooney getting a consistent run in the team.

Giggs tells of managerial hopes – BBC Sport

It’s always been assumed that when he eventually hung up his boots, Ryan Giggs would move onto a role in management. Now at the age of 36, Giggs has listed his two ideal management jobs – Wales and Manchester United. Neither comes as any surprise. Those are the only two teams Giggs has ever represented. The winger is already working on his UEFA ‘A’ License so that he will be ready to step into management once his playing career comes to a close. Although I could never imagine it any other way, Giggs has confirmed his intentions of ending his career at Old Trafford. He can’t see himself playing in a lower league as his career winds down. United’s all-time appearance leader admits he’ll likely have to start managing at a club smaller than United, but there is no doubt that Giggs hopes to return to Old Trafford one day as a manager.

Carrick has no intention of leaving Manchester United – ESPN

Many fans would argue that Michael Carrick was the weakest link in United’s squad last season. Some even suggested that we should part company with Carrick after his worst campaign in a United shirt. Carrick is now claiming he had no intension of leaving the club last summer, and the midfielder hopes to see out his career at Old Trafford. I am fan of Carrick, and I firmly believe that our success in recent campaigns has been partially due to his involvement. However, he suffered a dip in form last season and was very disappointing; if he wishes to remain at this club he’ll need to rediscover his form. Injuries and the form of Scholes and Fletcher has kept Carrick from getting a run in the team. He has still struggled to reach top form this season when given a chance, but I am confident he can get back to the top of his game. He needs to give the gaffer a reason to keep him involved in his plans.

Hargreaves comeback penciled in for Carling Cup clash – The Daily Mail

I really hope I’m not getting everybody’s hopes up, but it is being reported that Owen Hargreaves may make his long-awaited return in the Carling Cup against Wolves on October 26. Excluding a stoppage-time cameo at the end of the last season, Hargreaves has now been sidelined for more than two years with knee problems. The midfielder is finally back in training and reportedly impressing Sir Alex. There are still a few weeks until the fixture against Wolves, hopefully Hargreaves will avoid yet another setback in that time. I can’t wait to see our No. 4 take the field again. Hopefully he can get himself back into the team on regular basis.

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