10 September 2010 | Stretty Stories

In tomorrow’s chip paper… Gary Neville attacks our rivals, Rooney may not feature against Everton, and there seems to be some stability in Rooney’s life amidst all the allegations.

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Gary Neville admits hatred for Liverpool and derides Manchester City – The Guardian

If there was ever a truer Red than Gary Neville, I don’t know who it is. The intensity and passion he brings to the club’s rivalries is incredible; it’s something I’ve always looked up to him for. As my girlfriend continues her conversion into a United fan, Neville is the example I point to when speaking of the passion behind rivalries. Neville has once against admitted his hatred of Liverpool, but is now claiming he has more respect for them than Manchester City. The United skipper admits that he respects the history and traditions of a club like Liverpool and has slammed City for trying buy success. He may not be playing for the senior team much anymore, but his passion for the club is still priceless.

United could drop Rooney – The Sun

Sir Alex is reportedly questioning Wayne Rooney’s state of mind in the build up to the match at Goodison Park this weekend. Rooney always takes some abuse from the Everton crowd, but with the personal issues surrounding him right now he may find himself in a whole new ring of hell when returning to his former club. Rooney showed he can put his personal life to the side and perform on the pitch after finding the back of the net for England on Tuesday, but there is some concern that the extreme level of abuse he’ll take at Everton could hinder his performance.

Rooney hangs on to sponsorship deals and Coleen keeps her ring on? – The Daily Mail

I considered avoiding this story as Rooney’s personal life really isn’t my business, but a little stability off the field may help his performances when he steps on the pitch. It seems all of Rooney’s sponsors are set to stand by his side through the allegations surrounding his personal life, while Coleen was spotted today still wearing her wedding ring. I hope that maintaining stability at home and in his off-the-field endeavors will be beneficial for his performances as he helps lead United to more silverware.

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2 Comments on 10 September 2010 | Stretty Stories

  1. I do like that Neville hasn’t tried to claim it’s because Liverpool are inherently unpleasant or anything foolish and just cut to the crux of the issue: He was United and Liverpool were winning everything.

  2. He is a role model for every young united fan.growing up watching united I have always looked up to neville because of his quality but most importantly his passion for us.this man loves the club.true pro & people who are jealous of his qualities have slated him but this man is a true leader & a character any club would love.
    Loserfools can slate him but if he was there he would be a kop god.
    Great man,great player.top pro.
    United through & through.

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