30 August 2010 | Stretty Stories

As the transfer window comes to a close, typically you would expect news and rumors surrounding United to increase, but it’s actually gone fairly quiet as we enter the final days. Sadly, it means the frequency of Stretty Stories will likely decrease as well. As the window shuts and rumors go quiet, the news will inevitably slow. You can always count on Stretty Stories to bring you all of the news as it happens though.

Today, I’d especially like to point you in the direction of Yolkie’s exclusive interview with David May. Meanwhile, the press heaps praise on Nani and United are linked with a late move for an Everton starlet.

David May Exclusive Interview: Part One

In case you haven’t read it yet, I wanted to inform you about Stretford-End.com’s exclusive interview with cult hero David May! Our very own Yolkie interviewed the former Red Devil and published part one of the interview on the Stretty Rant yesterday. You must check it out. My girlfriend, still in the early month of being a United fan, had no idea who David May was, yet was completely captivated while reading this piece. It’s that good! Simply a must read.

Nani finally fills the void left by Ronaldo – The Daily Mail

At first I was upset to see the press comparing Nani to him compatriot, but as I read the article I realized that wasn’t their intention. Nani is his own player, they weren’t trying to compare him to Ronaldo, rather say the he has helped fill his shoes. Nani is never going to be Ronaldo, but he can help create chances, something I think United struggled with after Ronaldo’s departure. Nani’s crossing still needs a bit of work, but his build up play has improved dramatically. He is starting to run at defenses and make intelligent runs. While Valenica is more of a traditional winger hugging the touchline and swinging in crosses, Nani cuts in more often, which is crucial. It gives us different types of threats on the wings and can help take some of the burden off Rooney if we have a winger who can score as Nani did on Saturday. I’m pleased with his development and looking forward to seeing him continue to progress.

United target £10m Rodwell – The Sun

I really like what I’ve seen of Jack Rodwell, but not enough that I’d be willing to comment on whether or not I think he’d be a great signing. If The Sun is to be believed though, it seems Sir Alex thinks the Under-21 would be a valuable asset to our squad. Everton would like to hang on to their starlet, but The Sun believes United will offer them a deal too good to refuse. Sir Alex is willing to part with Michael Carrick and £10m in exchange for the promising young midfielder. I honestly just can’t see this becoming reality. Despite only using him in one substitute appearance this season, Sir Alex has seemingly continued to give Carrick his backing. I also believe that Carrick will bounce back from last season’s disappointing form. However, with Owen Hargreaves future becoming more unsure with each passing day, a defensive-oriented midfielder might not be such a bad signing. At the end of the day, though, I’d be very shocked to see this deal happen.

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15 Comments on 30 August 2010 | Stretty Stories

  1. Jack Rodwell is a Manchester United player wearing the wrong shirt. This might sound arrogant but I already see him as being on loan at Everton from us.

  2. There really is nothing at all to this silly rumour. Jack Rodwell signed a new 5 contract on May 24th of this year, a little over 3 months ago. He said at the time that he had absolutely no interest in signing for anyone else, that he’d been at Everton since he was 7 years old and that he couldn’t contemplate playing for anyone else, and that he was always going to re-sign for Everton, who he sees his future with. Of course, all footballers say things and backtrack on them, but Jack Rodwell is not Wayne Rooney, and the Everton of 2010 is not the Everton of 2004 (even if we have had an iffy start!). Will he join United in the future? Who knows… 2 or 3 years from now, he’ll be worth £30m+, undoubtedly. That is yet another reason why Everton won’t sell him now. Everton may be short of cash, but they’re also generally quite smart in getting maximum money for people (see Rooney & Lescott for example). Ultimately this is just silly paper talk, desperately looking for a big story to climax the transfer window with. Players who signed new long contracts 3 months ago don’t suddenely get moved on for big money.

  3. renmber rooney on transfer deadline day. everton are getting a bargains carrick going there an english international rodwell is only learning

  4. If I were SAF I will give them Ohsea and carrick as both of them are slow and day dreamers (with all due respect), for Man.U speed way of playing.

  5. I still feel Carrick has something to offer to the club that Rodwell won’t at the moment in about 2 seasons time or maybe even next season I might say yes but not right now. Carrick is easily the best passer in the squad next to Scholes we’d be nuts to give him away for a youngster. Carrick impressed me in the Community Shield against Chelsea but has yet to get a decent chance in the league this season due to Scholsey’s form. Scholesy can’t play every single game. Pretty sure Rodwell has only recently signed a new deal too.

  6. Brian, Rooney had been agitating for a move all summer and had just enjoyed a great Euro 2004.

    Rodwell has even got a full England cap yet.

    5 year contract signed 3 months ago…. it just isn’t going to happen. We have no interest in Carrick…. you could offer £20m cash and Everton probably wouldn’t accept, for all the reasons previously stated.

  7. Sorry boys rodwell for a past his best MU reject – me thinks not! and lets cut the crap about the still learning cos you know the real deal when you see it i.e. rooney. By the way Coleman will be another EFC super kid.

  8. “Jack Rodwell is a Manchester United player wearing the wrong shirt. This might sound arrogant but I already see him as being on loan at Everton from us.”

    Yes ‘Spirit of 68’, that is officially the most arrogant thing I think a Man Utd fan has ever written.

    Especially considering he has been at Everton 11 years, since the age of 7.

    Manchester United do not have the devine right to any player they wish. You might feel that way sometimes, but that isn’t the way it is. You don’t have as much money throw around as Chelsea or Man City, for a start.

  9. @bluesbro coleman a efc super kid? where did he come from?? dats rite da bit o red sligo rovers!! we’re on da map hahaha, he is gud but ya can hardly take credit 4 it!!

  10. He will not be a man utd player this season,but 2or3 years from now when he get too big for Everton and wanting to win things we will all see where he end up,yes my friends right at old Trafford play for man utd.

  11. Now that Utd are interested, Citeh will probably bid 100m for Rodders just because they can. We are trying to fit him into our system, what would Utd’s plans be?

  12. Hello everyone, it will be sensible if saf can get us a defensive midfielder cos we cannot go any where far especially in europe in this season whether jack rodwell or not high profile defensive midfielder is needed. Saf use to underate the position and it harm us alot. Hargo will not play again as it seems, fletcher is incapasitated and carrick, gibson are all useless !

  13. I will be absolutely amazed if he joins us,they have not forgiven us for taking rooney and they will not part with rodwell besides we had money to spare when we went for rooney but h=these days we are skint and need to player exchange.
    Rodwell was made to play for us he is young english and very talented

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