24.07.10 Stretty Stories

It’s been a particularly slow day for Manchester United news, particularly following the yesterday’s exciting news about Vidic’s new deal. There are a few stories worth commenting on about Yaya Toure’s Manchester United snub, Chris Smalling’s rapid progression, and what the club’s struggle to sell season tickets could mean for the Glazers.

Glazers urged to quit United after season ticket struggles – The Daily Mail

I don’t want to comment on this one too much, as I don’t want to give anybody false hope. Following 4,000 season tickets being placed on general sale, The Daily Mail is reporting that the Glazers have been “urged” to sell the club. It’s certainly a big story, but who advised them? The story never did say exactly. Was it Manchester United fans? That’s certainly not news, fans have been urging the Glazers to get out for years, most recently through the Green and Gold campaign. Was it their business advisors? If it was business advisors, that’s certainly more promising as they’d likely have a huge impact on their decision. I’m hopeful that the story proves true, but I’m a little skeptical due to the source and the lack of facts.

Smalling ready for the big time at United – The Daily Telegraph

It’s been a relatively short journey for Chris Smalling, but the distance he’s travel has been immense. Two years ago, Smalling would’ve been preparing for the season with Maidstone United, but today he’s adjusting to life at Manchester United. From non-league to 18-time English champions in less than two years. It’s an impressive story of rising from the bottom to the top. Not only has he joined United, but he’s already proving why Sir Alex showed so much faith in him. I’ve been incredibly impressed by Smalling from the glimpses we’ve gotten of him during the preseason. His size his impressive and certainly daunting, and aside from his error that conceded the penalty against Celtic he’s looked pretty solid at the back. And the story isn’t even complete yet. While Smalling is not a first-choice centre back yet, a few years from now he very well may be. Imagine that, from Maidstone to Manchester United and then into the starting XI. That would be a fairy tale ending.

Yaya Toure’s Manchester United snub – The Guardian

I just want to quickly thank Yaya Toure. He was like a gift that kept on giving with his statements today. I almost don’t need to comment on this one; Yaya says it all: “Manchester United is a big club, one of the biggest in the world, but I chose Manchester City because they had not won anything.” I thought players used to want to play for teams who won trophies, to play for a club where they had the best chance of being successful. I’m sure it has nothing to do with money and is all about the challenge of making the club big… Which brings me to his next point, Yaya believes that City can become as big as Barcelona. Interesting. I wonder if his club felt big when they lost 2-0 to Sporting Lisbon last night…

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9 Comments on 24.07.10 Stretty Stories

  1. While the money would have been a huge factor there is precedent of good players going to clubs who haven’t already won it all because they want to help make the difference not just be along for the ride.

    And if (IF) that was a genuine motivation, why not go for the team making you the best offer?

  2. @ No. 3 – seem to remember Yaya ripping the reds a new arsehole one night in Barcelona not too long ago.

    @ No.1 – Good lord, are you actually a United fan? If so, that has to be the most honest and sensible thing I’ve ever heard from a red.

    And No.2 – Probably not, most likely just more tabloid bollocks.

  3. Thank god he never came to us , i think he is totally overated player.
    I think the 200k a week might have something to do with his option to go to citeh,this ammount of money for a talentless player like that is obscene

  4. If you take Toure’s reason for signing, ie not having won anything for years, to the nth degree I would have thought Blackpool (or the bin dippers)would have been ideal.

  5. lol,i think yaya is fuckin crazy.we’re fuckin givin him a lifetime opportunity and he thinks he’s kind of a superstar huh?

  6. who the fuck does yaya thinks he is?he should be happy we’re fuckin givin him a lifetime opportunity,not thinkin he’s a fuckin superstar.

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