Carlos Tevez: Neville was wrong and United respect me

Carlos Tevez and Ryan Giggs

Carlos Tevez has spoken about the comments from Manchester United club captain Gary Neville towards him regarding his decision to leave Manchester United for Manchester City. On Tuesday the former United striker seemed to be more interested in winding up his old employers than celebrating with Manchester City fans after scoring a controversial penalty in the 2-1 victory over United and celebrated with a hand gesture, that was in reference to Neville’s comments . However, since the 1st leg the Argentinian has spoken about the criticism aimed at him by Neville regarding his departure to Eastlands.

Tevez felt that Neville “wasn’t involved in the contract discussions” and therefore should not have an opinion on the matter:

“I was particularly disappointed with what Gary Neville had to say because he was not aware of the full details of my contract negotiations with Manchester United, because I kept them very much to myself. “Sir Alex Ferguson knew that my contract was coming to an end and it was not until the last day that I was finally made an offer. It was too late by then. For Gary to make his comments was disrespectful.”

Tevez seemed to forget the fact that his advisers were demanding a much large fee for the player than was originally agreed and that he held the record for the fourth highest appearances in 2008/09 – whilst only finding the back of the net five times in the league and twice in the Champions League. He then decided to take a stroll down memory lane – discussing the moments both he and Neville shared in his United days, whilst also stating that United players and management must ‘respect’ him:

“We were team-mates and we played alongside each other and won trophies together and I have a great respect for Gary. I thought the feeling was mutual. The goal celebration was made without any malice. It was in the passion of scoring in a Manchester derby. It was part of the banter of football and I’m sure he will give me something like that back if he scores at Old Trafford next week. I have respect for all the United players and the management and I believe I deserve their respect back.”

Ryan Giggs was in an optimistic mood after reflecting on the events at Eastlands last Tuesday and compared the second leg clash to that of last year’s, against Championship side Derby County. United lost 1-0 in the first leg, but beat the Rams 4-2 at Old Trafford – which saw Carlos Tevez get on the scoresheet. Giggs was quoted as saying:

“I hope it is similar to the Derby game. We beat them quite comprehensively in the second leg so hopefully we can do that again.”

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  1. I don’t think Neville should be punished. A bit of swearing is all part of the theatre of derby matches.

    An intensely proud man with a poor grasp of social niceties, Neville was made to eat his words in front of 45,000 city fans, his team, millions of BBC1 viewers, and Tevez himself. He was clearly humiliated, and hurting bad.

    Put yourself in Neville’s shoes, can you imagine his embarrassment? It’s worse than the youtube video of him swearing at Patrick Vierra in the OT tunnel, then trying to hide behind Roy Keene. He should have stayed at his seat – Ferguson obviously wasn’t going to risk him against Bellamy’s pace.

    Tevez is barclays player of the month, we were getting stuffed by sh*teh, but Neville had to save face, so he flicked El Apache the finger. A footballer swears at another footballer – what an outrage!

    I hope the FA use some common sense, and realise that he’s suffered enough. I think most of our players are enjoying their underdog status, but Gary Neville hasn’t made that adjustment. In his mind, Utd are the richest team in the premiership, and city the poorest. Unfortunately, Portsmouth have more money than us (or at least, owe less)

  2. Couple of additions from the BBC website

    Manchester City’s Carlos Tevez claims his ear-cupping celebration after scoring against Manchester United in the Carling Cup was not a dig at Red Devils manager Sir Alex Ferguson for refusing to sign the striker last summer but was a tribute to a popular Argentine children’s puppet Topo Gigio.
    Full story: Daily Mirror

    Carlos Tevez shows no sign of letting up in his feud with Gary Neville as he describes his former Manchester United team-mate as a “boot-licking moron”.

    “My celebration was directed at Gary Neville,” Tevez was quoted as saying in a radio interview with ESPN Argentina. “He acted like a complete sock-sucker [boot-licker] when he said I wasn’t worth £25m just to suck up to the manager.

    “What’s the tarado [moron] talking about me for when I never said anything about him.”
    Full story: mtnfootball


    So Neville says the manager made the right decision and Tevez has not “said anything” yet calls him a moron. Well done, Carlos.

    I admire him as a player. In fact I was gutted we let him go and kept Berba, I thought if Berba had been signed for under £20m as we originally planned Tevez would probably have been kept in the first team.

    Tevez’s absolutely pathetic Adebayor-esque celebrations and his awful tackle on Brown have sent him far down in my estimations.

    He was offered a deal on the terms he was on and he wanted more money. What a prick, going on about loyalty.

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