Da Silva chant….will it catch on?

I’m usually quite good when it comes to picking up chants for new players but was actually unaware of the latest Da Silva chant – for both twins.  Rafael has had a great start to his United career and it won’t be long till we see Fabio bombing down the other side – so it’s only right that the two brothers get a chant.

Flipping through my ‘UWS’, discussing the game with my mate in Samuel Platts – I then heard the following:

Vivaaaa Da Silva
Vivaaaa Da Silva
Running down the pitch
Can’t tell which is which
Vivaaa Da Silva

Will it catch on?  Should there be a more original one?  Also, should I add the chant to our Manchester United chants page?

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  1. awful chant. first of all they don’t like being lumped as the same person according to an interview I read with fabio so this won’t please them. secondly, its unoriginal and boring. we can do much better

  2. Top Cat – I’m disappointed that you have that opinion. I try really hard to keep this site going – from statistics, blogs and news. I run this on my own and I work hard to try and keep the content good quality. I agree the blog about a chant isn’t that high standard – but I didn’t mean for it to be.

    I write, what I consider to be, good quality articles that do not get any feedback at all:


    So sometimes I try to venture out a little and I really think your comments are quite harsh. I’ve had some positive comments and some negative comments, it doesn’t matter, people are entitled to their opinion – but I think the fact that I created an article that you consider to be of less quality is unfair.

    What articles did you like and which one’s didn’t you? At least then I could see what fans want.

  3. Stretford-end I didn’t mean to be rude and thought you run this site with Yolkie not on your own, and I’m not criticising the amount of work you put in.

    How do I know how much you do?

    I do not want to say which posts I think are of high quality and which aren’t if they are all by you great if not I do not want to start upsetting you more.

    I just think the earlier stuff was very different from most posts on the web. I mean most posts on the web are all the same, you can find a 1000 best united teams and match reports and stuff about players.

    But this blog was turning out really exciting stuff at one time where I didn’t know or even think of some of the articles before.

    It was exciting and innovating to read but I don’t get anything really different nowadays.

    I didn’t want to upset you, so I will not make anything but pro comments if I post again.


  4. You’re not upsetting me – I just didn’t see why you couldn’t have pm’ed me in the forum. Feel free to criticise the articles – I’d love someone to have disagreed with me about my statistics article or about missing out on Etoo – but no one did.

    You know that I don’t just want pro comments – my point is that I didn’t think the post on the chant warranted such a post – thats all.

    You can criticize the blog all day long – it would be good to get more comments 🙂

  5. Not a great chant, someone will think of a better one soon no doubt. Fair play on running the site on your own, keep on posting the reasoned and thought-provoking articles. Hopefully it will catch on and some other popular United websites can pack it in with their hyperbolic nonsense tarnishing us all with the same horrible little brush..(‘Scott the Red’ comes to mind)

  6. Fair comment Stretford-end. I’m not a big fan of the chant as it’s probably quite annoying for twins to be treated as one entity rather than individuals. But more importantly it is a Ronaldo chant and – unlike most united fans it seems – I am STILL totally disgusted with Ron’s behaviour this summer. I won’t sing a Ronaldo song or anything relating to Ronaldo. He treated our great club as though it was beneath him. He may be the greatest player on the planet at the minute, but he’s also a total and utter prick! An embarrassment to the club.

    … and I’ll also say that I thought you dealt with Topcat’s gripes well. I reckon his comments are a little immature. Typical of the type of stuff people come out with online. Being rude for no reason in a way they’d never dare do in real life.

    …and before you say it, YES I would be MORE than happy to repeat the above and a lot more to Ronaldo’s face given the opportunity. After all I called Big Phil Scholari a wanker when I met him in Belfast (for good reason – he WAS being a wanker!)

  7. I don’t think the chant will catch on, if I’m honest I think it’s probably started from the few fans left that refuse to sing Ronaldo songs so they’re looking for a Viva alternative that will catch on. That said, I’m sure it won’t be long now until a good chant pops up.

    Regarding content of the site – of course everyone is entitled to their opinion and one of the reasons I joined and started contributing to this site is because I was a fan of a) the way the site was run, b) the content of the site, and c) the explicit nature of comment we’re afforded.

    What has to be considered is that the website is run for United fans first and football fans second. In that respect sometimes a blog about a chant may be more topical. Most of the time stretford-end (and myself at times) try to write a football blog and attach it to topical United issues, I’m sure that can be appreciated that news sometimes dictates the order and frequency of such blogs.

    That being said we have discussed many things we have yet had chance to implement that will hopefully continue our pretty decent reputation. It is time consuming just as a contributor, so I can only imagine how draining it can be running the site – especially, as s-e intimated, other quality blogs are not being noted though you’ve taken the time out to have a go at this one – I take the point that there are plenty of United sites out running the same content but with the greatest of will it will always be difficult to maintain a completely unique site simply because the news coming out of OT is the same.

    I think that we do a pretty good job of having original content when taking that into account.

    While I encourage and enjoy different debate unless it’s constructive or relevant then those kind of messages could be restricted to pm on the forum. That’s not to say don’t disagree, by all means go for it, but try and keep it to the point rather than a personal comment.

  8. I fing the chant quite funny acctually, im sure the Da Silva twins wont take it to heart, im sure vidic doesnt take the songs about him killing people to heart, funny song…. some better one’s may come along, but untill then i feel that this one is good enough! 😀

  9. I’m a twin and to tell you the truth it’s quite nice to get the attention. I doubt we would have heard so much about these boys if they weren’t twins.

    I love Yolkie’s articles keep them up.

  10. not the best of the chants..speaking of the da silva brothers,does anyone know whats going on with fabio??i know he was recovering from the injury but frankly isn’t it a bit too long?i’m dying to see him in action.wasn’t he supposed to be the better of the 2 and was player of the tourney in jr world cup n all…if rafael’s so good i wonder how’s fabio…plz tell me what his recovery is upto?

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