Antwerp Time to Terminate the Relationship?!

Do not these players come to Old Trafford because of the high level of coaching and technical ability then we send them to a league which doesn’t really register and it is very doubtful their repertoire of skills will be enhanced from the Antwerp experience.


When the deal was first struck at least Antwerp were in the top division and it would be a means of helping get players European work permits but that seems to have back fired. Even Antwerp probably haven’t benefited from the deal as the constant changing of players on a short term basis must make management extremely difficult. And building a team is what really matters, let’s just look as some of the problems the players have.


The standard of the league and the coaching isn’t set up to enhance their abilities.


Short term loan, means they are going in to a club which knows they will only be there for a short time, this wouldn’t be bad if it were just one or two players but half a dozen United players are being sent at one time. How can this help with developing careers or getting the best out of the players – the set up isn’t designed to build a club/team or team spirit.


Watching Eagles and David Jones after coming back from NEC and playing in the Dutch top league the improvement seems obvious and both have been very complimentary of their time in Holland unlike I would suggest the many who have played for Antwerp who have remarked it as “Time Served”.


Surely we should be attempting to further develop the player’s technical ability and understanding of the game while they still have that passion to learn.


Sporting Lisbon have helped us buy Ronaldo and Nani against stiff opposition but I’m not sure there are many positives which can be named from the Belgium club, and perhaps they too would be glad to end the close ties with the Red Devils!

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