Galatasaray 3-3 Manchester United: Three Things We Learned

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Manchester United went to Turkey in hope of returning with a much needed win, following their three unsuccessful trips, losing their last three matches in this Eurasian country. But Erik Ten Hag’s side returned barely with a point won and almost all hopes lost of reaching the last 16 of the Champions League. Unusually enough, everything started perfectly for United on a tough away trip in Istanbul. They scored after 11 minutes via Alejandro Garnacho, before Bruno Fernandes added a goal to his previous assist just seven minutes later. Not even 20 minutes in, United had a two-goal lead.

As is often the case with the Devils, things could not have remained simple – Hakim Ziyech scored after 29 minutes to bring Galatasaray back into the match. When Scott McTominay made it 3-1 after 55 minutes, everything looked great, but just 15 minutes later the scoreline was 3-3. Ziyech scored another goal, before Kerem Akturkoglu completed the hectic six-goal match.

Same Old Man United Flaws

Another Champions League night, another match in which Man United keep showing they are not learning from their mistakes. Once again, this team managed to squander a big lead, with Galatasaray winning the point after trailing by two goals on two different occasions. This time, United had a two-goal lead after mere 18 minutes, but still failed to take over the control over the game. At times, the match resembled a basketball game, with action going from end to end in frantic fashion. When McTominay scored the third to get another two goal lead, United again needed just seven minutes to concede. It seems that some things in this team are not changing despite the all too evident patterns they should try to change.

Onana Keeps Struggling In Champions League

There has been a lot of criticism of Andre Onana since his arrival and this match will not help his case. The Cameroonian was a liability once again, conceding the two goals from Hakim Ziyech where he should have done much better, costing his team in crucial moments. It is far from this result being all on Onana, but he keeps giving easy arguments to his critics. After his mistakes at Bayern, this is another tough pill to swallow. It is true that managed this times quite a few times to save United, and that is another problem – even when he does well, that is often not enough, due to the fact United concede way too many chances. They conceded unnecessary fouls in danger zones ahead of Ziyech’s deadly free-kicks. But Onana’s faults are painfully obvious too.

United Break The Wrong Records

Manchester United keep breaking records in the Champions League this season, but not the ones they would like to break. Conceding 14 goals in five matches in what is ultimately a very favourable group is the most goals United have conceded in a Champions League group stage. But another thing is staggering – United scored 12 goals too. The teams that scored more in the Champions League this season are only Arsenal, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Manchester City. Yet, United are bottom of their group and in the final match against Bayern Munich even a win at Old Trafford might not be enough for them to qualify for the knockout stages. That match against the perennial German champions might just be the last Champions League match at Old Trafford for a while.

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