Man United Ready To Loan Out Cristiano Ronaldo, But On One Condition

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Manchester United are still trying to work out the best possible solution for their situation with Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese superstar has made it clear he wants to leave the club this summer in order to find himself a new team where he could play Champions League football. The 37-year-old does not want to miss out on competing in Europe’s elite competition and weeks have gone by since it became clear Ronaldo was not going to prepare for the new campaign with the Man United squad.

According to reports, now big changes have been made in the past 24 hours which could make all the difference in Ronaldo’s wish to leave the club. Previously, many clubs have been mentioned in the media, as Jorge Mendes was contacting the biggest European clubs to offer Ronaldo. Cristiano was not wanted at Bayern, Real Madrid, Barcelona, nor Chelsea. He was already rejected by Man City last year, so there were less and less options available. At first, it was reported that Atletico Madrid are another club not eager to make that move, but after recent reports that Ronaldo would be ready for a big pay cut in order to find himself a new club, it seems some big changes have been made.

According to Steve Bates, Man United are now ready to let Cristiano Ronaldo leave this summer, but only on loan. In return, the club want Ronaldo to trigger his one-year option clause in his contract, so he can return to the club next summer. At the same time, there are reports suggesting Atletico Madrid have placed Antoine Griezmann on the transfer market as part of an attempt to sign Ronaldo, to free some space in the budget for the Portuguese. Duncan Castles claims Ronaldo has been impressed by Diego Simeone’s eagerness to work with him at Atletico Madrid and Cristiano could now tarnish his status as the Real Madrid legend by joining their city rivals.

But whatever might happen in the end, it seems that the solution United have seemingly found could work out. Yes, it is only a patch on a wound which could become even greater in 12 months, but that was always a risk when United were signing a 36-year-old Ronaldo who had nowhere else to go last summer.

This way, United could let an unhappy player leave and play Champions League football, letting Erik ten Hag work with the players who want to be there. This could give them the chance to create a more coherent side which could try to reach Champions League football during the upcoming campaign. This would give Ronaldo the chance to return to United – if he was to be wanted by the club or the coach at that point – but also postpone the obvious problem United have with Ronaldo right now. It is not ideal, but United are now in such a situation where they cannot be complete winners. Cristiano is doing his best to leave and letting him do so makes sense. It could also ease some pressure of Ten Hag and his squad. Maybe this will be a blessing in disguise.

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