Cristiano Ronaldo Wants To End Man United Contract Prematurely

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The never-ending story about Manchester United and Cristiano Ronaldo is still not getting done. The saga about the Portuguese’s wish of leaving the club this summer in order to play Champions League football next season is still going on and will definitely test both the club and Erik ten Hag’s squad in preparations for the new campaign.

Cristiano Ronaldo has arrived in Manchester, where he has trained with the team and under the new manager, but after missing out on pre-season in Bangkok and Australia, the Portuguese is still not giving up on his idea to leave the club. His agent Jorge Mendes has been going around Europe offering Ronaldo to multiple clubs – Bayern, Juventus, Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid and now even Atletico Madrid.

Ronaldo is desperate to leave Old Trafford, as he does not want to play Europa League football, but United are opposing every move of his. There were recent reports of Ronaldo possibly going out on loan this season, but that United would let that happen only of he was to extend his current contract for another year, so he would not leave United next summer as a free agent.

However, looking at the latest reports in the media, even that idea has been scrapped now. The Daily Mail are reporting Cristiano Ronaldo has informed Manchester United that he wishes to be relinquished of his contract. The Portuguese does not want to remain at the club, but is not in a great situation to make such wishes. Jorge Mendes reportedly told Man United officials that Ronaldo is adamant about leaving, however, he will probably not get it his way.

Mendes left those negotatiations less than positive that Ronaldo would get his move. There are no clubs interested in buying him and there is no reason whatsoever for United to let Ronaldo leave by prematurely ending the contract. As this saga is being drawn out, it is becoming more and more obvious that Ronaldo will have to continue playing for United, unless there is some foreign club ready to make the late call for Cristiano.

Some are even reporting that Mendes has offered Ronaldo to Napoli, Serie A outfit which will play Champions League football. If that is the case, it clearly shows how desperate Ronaldo is and how his legacy could be tarnished. As of now, Ronaldo has been offered to almost all clubs in Europe’s top five leagues which will play Champions League next season. It also threatens to worsen his reputation at United, where this summer he has already gone too far in his wish to abandon the team at first chance to do so. So far, it looks like United will not give in and let him go so easy, and that is a smart move for the club. But Ronaldo could be the talking point at United during entire August as well, and that could be a problem that could be felt in the squad as well.

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