Why This Is The Worst Manchester United Premier League Campaign?

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Manchester United have not finished their season yet, but we can safely say at this point that this has been their worst Premier League campaign since the inception of the breakaway league in 1992. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Premier League’s creation, the competition which no other club dominated like the Red Devils.

Under the stewardship of the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson, Man United won 13 Premier League titles in the first 21 seasons of the new competition. They reached 20 league titles in total, putting them in front their biggest rivals, Liverpool. But since Ferguson decided it was finally time to retire, there were nine seasons, if we include this almost finished one.

And in those nine seasons, Man United only once managed to finish in second place, led by Jose Mourinho, in a season when it was by December that everyone realised Manchester City were to comfortably lift the trophy come May. In these nine years since Ferguson has left the post, United had many poor campaigns, numberous missed chances of reaching the Champions League football. Yet, none of the seasons has been as bad as the 2021-22 campaign. It seems that this year could be the ideal one for making a big reset – it is this season that feels like the darkest of nights that come just before the dawn. For that to happen, we will have to see what happens once Erik ten Hag arrives and whether anything will change.

But until then, here are the reasons why Manchester United’s 2021-22 season is their worst Premier League campaign to date.

The Least Points Since 1991

Man United are currently on 58 points with one match to go. This is and will be their worst points tally in the Premier League era whatever the result of their match against Crystal Palace on 22 May. Between 1992 and 2013, the Premier League years under Ferguson, United never finished below the 75 points of the 2003-04 season. Since 2013, there was only the 2017-18 campaign when United managed to get to more than 75 points, finishing second behind Man City. Now, it is a question whether United will be able to reach over 60 points, something they last time failed to do back in 1990-91 in the old First Division. And even then, United won a European trophy, lifting the Cup Winners’ Cup.

United’s Worst Defence In The Premier League Era

Manchester United have conceded 56 goals this season and have a goal difference of just ‘plus one’. Just how bad conceding 56 goals is tells the fact that the last time United conceded over 50 goals in a single campaign was in 2018-19 when they conceded 54, their worst Premier League tally so far. But to put that into perspective, the last season with 50+ goals conceded before 2018-19 was 1978-79, when the team finished ninth in the old First Division with 63 goals conceded.

The Least Number Of Wins Since 1991

Man United have won just 16 of their 37 Premier League matches, a horrific rate of just 43 per cent. The last time Man United managed to win just 16 league matches in a season was again in 1990-91, when they finished sixth. The last team to finish even worse than that, with 15 wins, was way back in 1980-81 under Dave Sexton, when the Devils finished in eighth place.

This has truly been the season to forget for United. Losses such as the 0-4 against Brighton, 1-4 against Watford and 0-5 and 0-4 against Liverpool are there for everyone to see how low this team has fallen. Big changes are necessary this summer…

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