Man United 2021-22 Season Ending Player Review: David De Gea

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The Premier League season has ended and it is time for us to start a traditional series of articles once that happens. Starting from today and onwards, we will be analysing each of the Manchester United squad members and their respective campaigns they have just had. We will take a closer look into their performances, numbers they achieved and the overall contribution they gave to this team.

Considering this was Man United’s worst Premier League campaign since its inception in 1992 and that the Devils did not have a great run in either of the cup competitions, it is clear there will be more negative comments than usual. Hopefully, this guide will give us a better look at which players are necessary and which are not ahead of the next season. Erik ten Hag came in and is set to drastically change this squad, so hopefully we will be able to predict which players he will need and which he will not.

First off, we are starting with Man United’s number one, David de Gea. During 2020-21, the Spaniard was quite unsettled at Man United and he had to often sit on the bench, as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wanted to test Dean Henderson and his potential for the future. However, this season all of that changed.

Appearances across all competitions

De Gea returned to being the number one goalkeeper at United and his appearances count show that. He made a total of 45 appearances across three competitions. In the Premier League, he was in goal in all but one match, featuring in 37 of the games. He made seven appearances in the Champions League, also missing just one game, while in the FA Cup he added another match to his name. In those 45 games, he conceded a whopping 66 goals, keeping a clean sheet on just 10 occasions. That goes to tell a good story about Man United’s defence this past season, as the team got hummiliated on several occasions, letting in four or more goals.

Did he perform above or below the expectations?

David de Gea could be said to be of just slightly above average. This was definitely not a great season for him in terms of overall team performances and the number of goals he had let in. However, a huge part in that played a horrific back line in front of him and in terms of analytics, De Gea saved just slightly more goals than he was expected based on the quality of opponents’ chances. But still, this season could never be described as great for him, even though he returned to being undisputed first choice goalkeeper.

Will he be a part of Manchester United during the 2022-23 season?

Definitely. David de Gea will stay at the club, as Erik ten Hag will have much bigger fish to fry. There are numerous positions that need urgent improvements and goalkeeper is not one of them. In 2022-23, he will remain the number one goalkeeper, but if Ten Hag remains and manages to improve the squad considerably, next summer could be far more interesting in the context of goalkeepers.

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