What Will Happen With Paul Pogba?

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Manchester United are slowly preparing for the next campaign, even though there is still plenty to be done in the current one. The Red Devils are currently in seventh place in the Premier League standings and with a view to fight until the end to reach the top four and qualify for Champions League group stages next season. Ralf Rangnick’s side still has the chance to make it there, but Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur seem like they are in a better situation before the run-in of the campaign.

But while we are waiting to see in which European competition United will play next season, the club officials are preparing for a new beginning. The new manager will be chosen soon, as Rangnick’s interim stay is coming to an end. It seems that the favourite for that role is Erik ten Hag, the Ajax head coach who has done very well in Amsterdam in the past five years, almost getting the Dutch side into the Champions League final.

But that is not the only thing that will matter to United this summer. They will need strengthening in many areas of the squad and one of those will be central midfield. That will be a specially fragile issue, especially in regards to Paul Pogba. Some two and a half months before the end of his contract, it seems things are getting clearer about the Frenchman. Pogba is ready to leave Manchester United.

PSG Made An Offer To Pogba

Pogba’s contract is ending on 30 June and some European clubs could be ready to make the most out of that. It seems that Paris Saint-Germain are the first in the line right now, as according to Manchester Evening News, they have already made an offer to the midfielder.

Reportedly, the final package is a lower offer than what United offered the player, but it seems Pogba could be open to moving to PSG. That would have been a new beginning for him at the age of 29, in his home country and at a club that every season wants to win the Champions League.

Pogba’s Wants Are In Italy

On the other hand, Pogba would probably prefer making a return to Juventus and Serie A, but right now such option does not seem as realistic. Juventus are preparing for big changes this summer and while they could definitely do with Pogba in midfield, it seems their financial situation is such that they cannot afford him. Or if they could, they would have to neglect necessary changes in other areas of the squad.

What seems like the only clear thing from all of these reports is that Pogba should probably leave Manchester United. The Devils have paid way too much for him back in 2016, he has not made the necessary impact and his performances have lacked consistency for almost all the time he has been at Old Trafford. With his huge wages potentially gone, United could re-purpose that money on new, necessary signings, to inject new blood into this team.

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