Could Manchester United Actually Get Thomas Tuchel?

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Manchester United are still searching for their new manager for the next season. Ever since they got rid of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, it became clear that whichever manager was to come in his place, he was to be the interim manager, someone who will lead this team only until the end of the campaign. Months and months have passed since and Man United are still in the same position. Still clueless about their next move and it seems they will wait for the last minute to make their decision and choose their man. But in the midst of all that, somewhat expected and somewhat unexpected news came out of Chelsea.

Their owner Roman Abramovich has been sanctioned by the UK, meaning that the club itself is under strict rules. If their situation is not to be resolved soon, Chelsea could be banned from making new transfers next summer and a lot more over that, including how much money they can spend when going to away trips in the Premier League and Champions League.

And clearly, all of that created one of many questions in the media – could Manchester United lure Thomas Tuchel from Chelsea, amid this situation, and make him the new manager starting from the 2022-23 season?

Why Would Tuchel Leave Chelsea Right Away?

The immediate answer to this questions feels like a simple ‘no’. Thomas Tuchel would probably rather stay at the club and stay alongside Chelsea, rather than jumping off the train and moving to their rivals right away. He won the Champions League with them, he still has a great squad that can make some great things happen and even the players he could lose on the free transfer this coming summer are not the absolutely most needed players. But it feels this negative situation for Chelsea could only strengthen his connection with the club, sticking with them when things are not rosy. Also, there is the fact that we do not know how long it will be before Chelsea are sold to new owners, as there are speculations about that possibly happening relatively soon. Right now, the feeling is that Tuchel would like to weather the storm and keep on working.

Why Would Tuchel Choose Manchester United?

But the more pertinent question here is why would Tuchel leave Chelsea and move to Man United? It might seem too negative from United’s point of view, but what is this club currently offering him? Yes, they could give him a huge salary and possibly a big transfer budget if the team reaches top four and qualifies for the Champions League. But apart from that, those more important things are not in place. Tuchel would get a dysfunctional squad he would probably need a couple of seasons to make to his liking. He would also get a boardroom that makes too many poor decisions in the transfer market, lacking clarity about how they do their business and how much of a say the manager would say in all of that. In fact, the current structure at Manchester United is such that it gives those very best coaches a lot of questions, not just answers. And right now, it seems Tuchel would only want to get the answers…

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