What Should Man United Do About Pogba?

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Manchester United have defeated Brighton and Hove Albion after a three-game winnless streak and they are back in the Premier League top four spot. The next match against Leeds United will have to wait until Sunday and that is why we will have enough time to think about other things regarding Man United. One of those subjects worth delving deep into is Paul Pogba. The Frenchman has returned to the team after his stubborn injuries which kept him out of contention for a while. But now he is back, we had the chance to see Pogba score and keep assisting prolifically, but there are still numerous questions surrounding his stay at Old Trafford. And those questions will soon need answering.

Pogba Unsure Whether To Stay

Paul Pogba’s current contract situation is still a complicated one, although things are generally simple. Pogba’s contract with Man United is set to end on 30 June 2022 and after that, he will become a free agent if he does not sign a new deal. But that is where the catch is. No one still really knows what are Pogba’s intention nor for how long will the club be willing to wait for him to make a decision. Sources close to Pogba say there is still no inclination for him to commit to Man United at the 11th hour and his situation remains unchanged, claimed Daily Mail in their latest report. This would further solidify the claims that Pogba is unsure whether he wants to stay at the club or would he be willing to make a change leave Old Trafford. The Mail are also reporting Pogba and Ralf Rangnick held productive discussions prior to his return to action against Middlesbrough. But that still does not change the fact that Pogba does not seem committed to staying at Old Trafford past this season.

Juventus An Option

Recent reports in Italian and British media suggest that Paul Pogba could be open to returning to Juventus once again, after his contract ends with Man United. Some of the reports suggested Juventus would be willing to get rid of some players in order to create space in the wage bill for the French midfielder, with Matthijs de Ligt being mentioned as one of those who could leave to accomodate Pogba’s return in Turin. But as with everything surrounding Pogba right now, there does not seem to be any real idea of what is going to happen in the following months.

What Should Man United Do?

After all these years, Pogba still does not seem as committed to the project at the club. Considering what has been happening at the club in the past few years, Pogba would not be mistaken to believe maybe this project is not what he wants. The problem is that Man United are not getting any nearer to finding a resolution for this situation. What Man United could do is give Pogba an official date until which he should give his answer about whether he would like to stay or leave the club, since the Devils are in a bad need of reconstructing. Knowing earlier on whether Pogba stays or not would only make things simpler for the club. However, such idea seems out of place, considering everything…

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