Five Candidates For Manchester United Interim Manager Role

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Manchester United are preparing for their Tuesday night Champions League clash against Villarreal in Spain. That match might be crucial for the Red Devils in their search of final reaching the latter stages of the elite European competition. But until that match comes around, there is still a lot of talk about the vacant managerial role at Man United.

The club have relieved Ole Gunnar Solskjaer of his duties on Sunday morning, following a disastrous 4-1 defeat against Watford. That move from the club was long time in the making and now there are many reports around the subject of who could be the next Man United manager. The club have already made it clear that the permanent manager should come ahead of the 2022-23 campaign, which means Man United are now in search of an interim manager, someone who would be a guardian of this team between now and the end of the season. Here are five potential names we think could land that role.

Michael Carrick

Michael Carrick is the most obvious choice. Former Man United midfielder will lead the team until the club make their decision, but he might remain in the interim role until the end of the season for two reasons. Firstly, Man United might start playing much better, similarly to how they played after Jose Mourinho got sacked and Solskjaer was appointed in the interim role. And secondly, because Man United might not find a preferred solution quickly enough, as this interim position they want to fill is not the most ideal one.

Laurent Blanc

Many have forgotten about Laurent Blanc, but he might be the ideal solution for the short-term, considering everything happening at the club. The Frenchman is the former player and knows the expectations and workings of it, but more importantly, he has the experience at a very high level. Unlike Solskjaer, Blanc has won the Ligue 1 title with Bordeaux and later on he joined Paris Saint Germain, where he won three such trophies. Sure, he might be working in Qatar right now, but as a short-term solution, he might be the right man.

Steve Bruce

This one might be tougher to swallow for some fans, not because they do not like former Man United player or are not fond of him, but the former captain is someone that would not overcomplicate things if he was to come. Bruce played under Sir Alex Ferguson, which many would find as a positive, and after getting sacked at Newcastle, he is also unemployed. His qualities at the highest level are questionable, though.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney might be tempted to return to Old Trafford, following some really tough situations at Derby County. His team got an incredible 21-point deduction, are unable to make signings and are very close to getting relegated to League One. All that might make Rooney an easy option to get the biggest chance of his managerial career.

Ernesto Valverde

One option not many people have thought about could be Ernesto Valverde. Former Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona head coach is currently out of work and he might be ready to try something new, moving to the Premier League. It is questionable how much he would be interested in an interim role, considering he has the experience at the very highest level, but his calm and experience might be something this team needs.

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