What Now For Manchester United?

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Manchester United are still recuperating from their 0-5 disaster against Liverpool at Old Trafford. The Red Devils have managed to get hummiliated by their greatest rival with the greatest ever loss at home turf, making the current project of Man United pose plenty of questions of where this team is actually going.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has managed to somehow put Man United in the second place in the Premier League at the end of last season, but that team was never really close to being a finished one or close to fighting for the trophy. Now, after a summer of heavy spending, Solskjaer’s team looks more unbalanced, chaotic and worse than they were last campaign, despite signing some really big names.

Jadon Sancho was the club’s wish for more than a year and now that he has arrived, the right winger is mostly sitting on the bench, failing to fit into the Solskjaer’s somewhat archaic system. Raphael Varane has had injury problems, while Cristiano Ronaldo’s goalscoring has only managed to paper over some cracks this team clearly has. After losing to Liverpool 5-0, what now for Manchester United? What should the club do in regards to Solskjaer, but also the entire team?

Solskjaer Should Go, But What Then?

Just to be clear, it does not seem Solskjaer will be sacked just yet for this catastrophy against Liverpool and it looks like he will be given another chance against Tottenham. The question is will United sack him if they fail to beat Spurs? Because, if the answer is yes, then what was the point in keeping him for yet another week. And if not, then how long will Solskjaer manage to stay in the job? Because he would have to really make a big turnaround in the remainder of the season – and his team look far from it.

Man United are slow on making such decisions and it seems we will have to wait more. Solskjaer has not managed yet to improve the team, on the contrary, but if he was to be sacked, what then? That should not be the end of it all, because United would be at the crossroads – appoint someone like Antonio Conte and you might get yourself a real winner, but in the short term. Would that be something United need now? With the way this team has been chaotically built – the answer would be both yes and now. With the likes of Ronaldo and Cavani approaching the end of their careers, short-term does not sound bad, but with the way United thought they were building for the future when they were signing Sancho, Donny van de Beek and the likes, it seems like short-termism is not ideal.

Manchester United’s slow decision making is just another proof of the club not really knowing in what direction they want to go. At one point, they are signing Sancho to make him team’s project for the next 10 years, but then they add Ronaldo instead of a much-needed central midfielder – not only further making the team more unbalanced, but also bringing a player that would take a lot of space of other players with the way he plays. Sure, having Cristiano in the team is amazing, but he has his limitations due to his style of play and it seems every decision the club makes, it goes against something they were doing just before that.

Let’s see where that will get them with this Solskjaer conundrum…

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  1. You can’t blame Ole for the abject failure of 4-5 players to make any effort. I’d keep Ole and sack the players who apparently can’t be bothered.

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