Manchester United Season Ending Review: Marcus Rashford

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After talking about the European Championship and how our players fared in the group stage first round, we are back at looking how Man United players fared during the previous campaign in the famous red shirt. We are now writing about Marcus Rashford and this was a long, very long campaign for the team’s number 10. Rashford has had a lot of playing time this year, he also managed to do a lot while on the pitch and let’s have a look at it.

Overall Numbers

Marcus Rashford has played a total of 57 matches this season across five competitions, scoring 21 goals and adding 15 assists to his tally. He spent 4146 minutes on the pitch this past season, despite also having some problems with injuries. This was a really good season for him in the Premier League, where he managed to make a ‘double-double’, as the basketball fans would put it – he had both goals and assists in double digits, finish with 11 in both categories in 37 appearances. Rashford also scored six goals in the six Champions League appearances and despite crashing out of it after group stages, he still finished very high in the top goalscorers category, as only Kylian Mbappe (eight) and Erling Haaland (ten) had more goas than him in the competition. Rashford added four more goals in three other competitions, managing to score in each of the five he featured in, which is a good way of showing just how important he was for Manchester United this season.

Looking at his underlying metrics, Rashford still managed to score very high in many categories, despite the fact this season brought him much more games in which he played as the right winger, despite it being far from his best position. He had 0.37 non-penalty goals scored per 90 minutes, which puts him in the 84th percentile across all Premier League wingers. He was also making plenty of shots per match (2.67, 81st percentile) and his numbers in possession were very good. He was making 2.81 dribbles per 90, which is an elite number and he was also having 5.87 touches in oppositions’ penalty area, receiving 8.84 progressive passes per game. That means he is a very important attacking outlet for United, who manages to make things happen, although his chance creation puts him at a lower end of Premier League wingers.

Highlights Of The Season

Rashford basically did not miss a single game through injury, although it is a known fact he often played when he struggled with certain problems, including his ankle problems this spring. But he never complained and managed to play through it. That is a testament to his character, while we could say that his highlight of the season was last October, when he scored his first career hat-trick, putting three past RB Leipzig in a 5-0 win. He also scored and assisted one goal in a 3-2 League Cup win over Liverpool, a team he certainly enjoys playing.


Marcus Rashford did very well this season when United had limited options in the attacking line, especially when he had to adjust his game and move to the right flank. Hopefully United will land Jadon Sancho this summer and there will be no need for Rashford to move from his favourite left wing position, a place where he has historically produced his best performances.

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