Manchester United Have Signed Just One Player And That Could Come Back To Bite Us

Manchester United are getting closer to the new season and the fans are becoming louder and louder. The Red Devils will soon enough be on the pitch as the 2020-21 is about to start and the club has still signed just one player. There has been a lot of talk about new players coming in to Manchester United, especially Jadon Sancho, but almost nothing has happened despite the fact we are in the final month of the transfer window.

When United finally signed Donny van de Beek last week, that was seen as the start of something intriguing, something big and exciting. There were rumours about Man United again going after Sancho, about Sergio Reguilon being looked at to arrive and even a centre-back was in the conversation.

Fast forward to 10 September and it is still only Van de Beek who arrived at Old Trafford. This could all come to bite Manchester United in the end.

The Season Has Almost Started

Two days from now, the Premier League will be underway and Man United will not be in action only thanks to the fact they reached the Europa League semifinal last season and therefore got an extra week off. But this means there are only nine days left until our first match of the season. Still, this team looks pretty much the same like last year and even if some new players arrive before the game against Crystal Palace next Saturday, those players will still have to accustom to the new surroundings and new team, to get integrated into the team and so on.

It Will Be The Toughest Of Seasons

And there are some other facts too. This might easily be one of the most chaotic seasons. We are already more than a month behind from where the season would be when we start the campaign on 19 September and it will have to be squeezed in its entirety between prolonged international breaks and four competitions we are going to be a part of. If we progress far into all of those competitions, like we did last season, then there is a real possibillity we might run out of the dates when we could play all those games.

Therefore, preparing for this season is an imperative more than ever and failing to building a strong chore of 22-25 players could be a big problem, due to the necessity to rotate more than ever.

Will Woodward Do What He Usually Does?

Now the question remains the same – will Ed Woodward do what he usually does? And what he usually does is that he makes some moves during a transfer window but never enough of them and even then, there is a chance he might blew it with a wrong signing. Last summer, we got some good signings, but it was a far cry from enough for what we needed and that reflected on our season. This time around, we have added some depth to midfield, but then again, we could lose more than one midfielder before the window ends.

And do not get us even started on other positions, like centre-backs, right-wingers, centre-forwards…

This transfer window could come back to bite us and no wonder Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is not satisfied.

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