How Manchester United Players Fared On International Duty, Part II

We already wrote yesterday about the international break and how some of our players fared during the past week or so. David De Gea was great for Spain, Dylan Levitt and Daniel James both did well for Wales in their two 1-0 wins and Anthony Martial made a real positive impact on France in their games against Sweden and Croatia.

Now is the time for us to have a look at the second part of our players and see how they fared during September international break.

England – Mason Greenwood

Tge only player of all Man United players that actually had a negative international break, it was Mason Greenwood. He did make his debut for England in his match against Iceland, which England won 1-0. He played for 78 minutes, but the whole break was overshadowed by what he did of the pitch. He was sent home together with Phil Foden for breaking quarantine rules, when the two of them brought local girls into their hotel rooms. Greenwood apologised for his actions afterwards and hopefully he will be able to put this quickly behind him.

Portugal – Bruno Fernandes

Bruno Fernandes was another Man United player who had a positive time with his national team. He played in both of Portugal’s matches for full 90 minutes, first against Croatia and then against Sweden. In that first match, he was used a little bit deeper, as a left of a midfield trio in a 4-3-3 formation. In the second match against Sweden, in which Cristiano Ronaldo reached his historic 100 international goals. There were some good moments from Fernandes in both games, which only continues to show both Manchester United and Portugal are getting only the good things from Bruno this year.

Scotland – Scott McTominay

Scott McTominay did not enjoy a great 2019-20 season, especially in the second half of it, but he will be energised from doing well for Scotland in their two matches this month. Scotland first drew 1-1 against Israel at home, but then went on to win 2-1 against a weakened Czech Republic side in Prague. However, the most interesting aspect of McTominay’s time with Scotland this past week is that he did not play in midfield.

Despite the fact that we always know Scotland are going to use McTominay in the starting lineup, we do not know in which position. Now, in these two matches, he played as a right centre-back in three-man defence, which was very unusual to see. McTominay still did well, despite this being far from his usual role.

Sweden – Victor Lindelof

Victor Lindelof did not play in both matches for Sweden and that is good news for Manchester United. He played all 90 minutes against France in that first game, when he made a penalty on team-mate Anthony Martial. Although he will not be too bothered about that, considering Antoine Griezmann did not convert it from the spot afterwards.

In the second game against Portugal, the Swede did not play at all and the reason for that was to keep him fresh and not put a huge workload on him early into a season that comes shortly after a lengthy 2019-20 campaign in which Lindelof played a lot.

The Netherlands – Donny van de Beek

And the last but not the least, Donny van de Beek was in action for the Netherlands! He came on for his national team in the first match against Poland and then played just under an hour against Italy, starting the match on the pitch. And that was good to see, Van de Beek getting his playing time gradually, since he is not yet ready to play full 90 minutes. The reason for that is that Dutch season was stopped in March and never continued, meaning he did not have competitive matches in the past six months.

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