Manchester United Did Not Make A Bid For Ansu Fati

Manchester United are slowly running out of time. The transfer window will end in exactly 23 days, just over three weeks from now. And we are still and the same spot we were ten days ago – only one player signed and no signs there will be many more to improve the squad.

Certain media have reported that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is not satisfied with how the club are handling this transfer window, with the lack of strengthening of the squad. They also claim that Solskjaer believes the club unequivocally must sign a world clas right winger if the team is to challenge for the title. But then again, even if we do get someone like Jadon Sancho, would that realistically be the case – would Man United challenge for the title?

Right now, that does not seem realistic, but if Sancho or someone of his caliber does not arrive, we will not find out. And there are now the usual fake reports resurfacing regarding Man United’s wishes to sign players. Here is a big one.

Man United And Ansu Fati – Not Happening

Reports are going around that Manchester United have made a 150 million euro bid for Barcelona’s Ansu Fati, in order to land the young Spaniard. But this is so wrong on so many levels it is hard to say where to start. Fati, who is still 17 years old and is Barcelona’s biggest youth prospect in years, has been linked with a potential move to Old Trafford for a while now, but never from reliable sources.

Duncan Castles cited in June that the club are pursuing the player and that Man United have been following him for a while now. But then there is Jorge Mendes, the player’s agent who claims there was an offer made, an offer of up to 150 million euros. Sure, Ansu Fati is one of those players who are truly special and seem as if they will succeed no matter what, but this is just – plain lies.

Man United have been unable to strike a deal to get Jadon Sancho for 120 million euros for months now, not being ready to pay so much and now another quarter of that sum is being put to the name of a 17-year-old player that we have seen only last season in his professional career.

The Usual Stuff

Also, there is the fact that Barcelona will definitely not let the player leave and, even more importantly, the fact that Jorge Mendes is trying to negotiate a new deal for his player with the Catalan club. That is a usual strategy we have seen so many times from other clubs – using the name of Manchester United as a bargaining chip.

If United actually go after a winger that is not Jadon Sancho this summer, that will not be Fati. Some reports are mentioning the names of Ivan Perisic, Douglas Costa and Gareth Bale as potential solutions if a deal with Borussia Dortmund cannot be found, but even those names feel like washed up media talk we already heard before.

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