Could And Should Manchester United Sign Thiago Alcantara?

Manchester United are now getting closer to the part of the season when they will finally get the chance to fight for Europa League trophy. This crazy season is about to end in August, following a final-eight type of tournament in Europa League and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is already expected to change things around in the squad during the time in Portugal.

But the transfer rumours keep mounting as the transfer window started two days ago. Jadon Sancho story is the main one and we are still waiting to see how things will develop in this potential deal. Man United have not made official offer yet, but are the only club trying to sign him. However, we are here to talk about a different player.

Thiago Alcantara is the Bayern Munich midfielder who could be on his way out of Allianz Arena this summer. Liverpool are the clear favourites to sign the Spaniard, but Man United have been mentioned in the conversation as a side following the situation closely. How realistic is that to actually happen? And should Man United chase Alcantara?

Former Barcelona man is 29 years old and Jurgen Klopp is his big fan. The German wants to add new dimension to his midfield and with Thiago’s metronomic qualities, he could do just that, offering more stability and passing creativity in a team that is often based on pace, dynamism and off-the-ball movements. But where are Man United in this story?

The latest details about Alcantara’s destiny at Bayern are coming from German media – the Bavarian side would want to get 30 million euros for Thiago and that is expected to be their asking price. Liverpool could pay that, especially as they are not expected to really push for players in other positions. Man United, on the other hand, could be in a different position.

Man United are set to push for Jadon Sancho and many are expecting that the figure necessary for signing the Englishman will be so high that it will be hard for United to buy other players. Man United could definitely pay 30 million euros for a player of Thiago’s class, but could they do it if they also stretch themselves in signing Sancho?

That is a question to answer. Right now that seems unrealistic. Should they sign him? The answer is – yes. Manchester United need a midfielder of Thiago’s quality. He is definitely a world-class player and the fact he is 29 shows he could have another four years at the very high level.

Still, Thiago’s injury record is a big negative in this hypothetical talk, but it is hard seeing how United should not try to get him in a situation when they are seriously lacking depth in central midfield. Having Thiago Alcantara alongside Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes in the same XI would be also need Solskjaer to make some changes in the starting lineup and the system of play.

In conclusion – most of these arguments probably will not matter. Man United are far from getting Thiago and it will probably stay that way.

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