Tottenham Hotspur 1-1 Manchester United: Four Things We Learned

Manchester United returned to Premier League action after more than three months of inactivity in competitive matches. The coronavirus pandemic has made a lot of issues to the entire world, but now that football was allowed to resume the season, it was not entirely a big changer in what we have been seeing this campaign until early March.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side was unable to beat Tottenham Hotspur, after getting behind following Stewen Bergwijn’s great shot, but it was Bruno Fernandes who sealed the draw from the spot. Of course, it was not to be expected to see great football right from the off, after such a long break, but it was not like this was much different from Solskjaer’s and Mourinho’s respective teams from before the break.

De Gea’s Decline Continues

Tottenham’s lead came after another mistake from David De Gea, which clearly was not his biggest mistake in the recent seasons. However, this was another reminder how Spaniard’s performances have been on a steady decline in the past two years and Solskjaer will have a proper look at the situation after the season ends and assess what is best to do ahead of 2020-21. De Gea’s confidence seems to be shattered and it will take some time to repair it properly.

Bruno Too Good A Passer To Constantly Shoot

Bruno Fernandes was Man United’s saviour once again, this time from the spot, which he cooly converted, but one thing was obvious in the Portuguese’s play – he is still way too often shoot from tough long-distance positions and tight angles. It is a trait we have been talking about even before he joined Man United, since that is something he has been often doing at Sporting Lisbon. Against Spurs, he hit three hail-Mary shots from distance, instead keeping the move going.

Simply put – Fernandes is too good a passer to be making shots like these. He could instead create, which we have seen when he created that incredible chance for Anthony Martial. The Frenchman did not shoot well afterwards, but the ball through the lines was exquisite.

Mourinho’s Plan Did Not Work Out Completely

Jose Mourinho knows very well what are the issues with this Man United side – creating chances against deep, well positioned defences. And that is what he exploited, but not completely. Man United again had issues creating chances against such a defence and it was from counter attacking that Mourinho’s Spurs managed to get the lead. But then, inviting the pressure too much can be risky and that turned out to be the case, when Eric Dier made the penalty on Paul Pogba. This plan of Mourinho’s only somewhat worked.

James Does Not Offer Enough

This was another game from Daniel James in which he did not create anything to feel he should be a regular starter. We will not be too tough on him this time – there was a long break before this match and also the fact that he is still playing on the right flank, which is not his ideal position. But it is obvious he is clearly lacking in certain aspects of his game…

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