What Can We Expect From Manchester United Until The End Of The Season?

Manchester United have restarted their Premier League campaign with a 1-1 draw at Tottenham Hotspur, after getting back into match during second half. It was not an ideal performance, but after more than three months since their last pre-coronavirus match, that was to be somewhat expected.

Now, the Devils will have to look into the future and stop glancing over their shoulder for dropped points. There will be at least nine more matches between now and the end of the season, with eight of them coming in the league and at least one more in FA Cup. These matches will be crucial for everyone who will evaluate Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s first full season at the club.

So, what could we expected from Manchester United between now and the final day of the campaign?\

Favourable Fixtures Are A Great Chance

These coming fixtures are favourable ones for Solskjaer’s side. After a tough start against Spurs, there will be matches against Sheffield United at home, before FA Cup clash at Norwich. Brighton, Bournemouth and Aston Villa will be coming up next in the league, with Southampton, Crystal Palace, West Ham and Leicester waiting afterwards. These are really good matches for United to earn a lot of points and reach the Champions League football next season.

One important thing, though, will be for United to start regularly beating weaker sides, such as those they will meet. There are not ‘big six’ clashes for United this season…

What Will Bruno-Pogba Partnership Look Like?

This is an important question, as many are expecting the Portuguese and the Frenchman to be key players for United. But they are both players that are used to have everything centered around them and they are both used to consuming a lot of possessions. It is their style of play, whether they have too many risky passes from deep or they are shooting from long range when there are a lot of players in front of them.

They might take time, but it looks like they could electrify this Man United side.

Less Playing Time For James

It will be interesting to see how will Solskjaer resolve the issue of Daniel James not bringing much to the team when starting matches. With Pogba, Fernandes, Martial, Rashford, Mata and Ighalo all at his disposal, Solskjaer might be tempted to bench the young Welshman who is playing only his second season in professional football. Do not be surprised if that happens.

Will Solskjaer Tinker With Defence?

This is one of the things that might be less expected, especially since United will not be playing against really tough sides, at least not in the league. But could we see Solskjaer choose to make a swith to a system with a three-man defence? It is something that could add defensive stability to Man United’s play, but against weaker sides that might be unnecessary move. However, for cup matches, Solskjaer could at least think about that, especially if United get closer to the trophy. United’s defence is already generally good, but unpredictability might be very useful in these stages of the season.

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