Paul Pogba Is Ready To Leave Manchester United

Paul Pogba Is Ready To Leave

Paul Pogba spoke with reporters in Tokyo about his future and it looks like the World Cup winning midfielder has decided on what he wants to do in the future.

“I am thinking of this: To have a new challenge somewhere else,” Pogba said. “For me, I have been for three years in Manchester and have been doing great; some good moments and some bad moments, like everybody. Like everywhere else. After this season and everything that happened this season, with my season being my best season as well… I think for me it could be a good time to have a new challenge.”

So the rumours that have been swirling around are now officially confirmed – Pogba wants out and he is not pretending otherwise. And that is good news for Manchester United. If a player wants to leave, it is better for everyone involved to be clear about it so that new solutions could be found.

In April, manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said he expected Pogba to stay at the club next season and the club issued a statement on Sunday, claiming the Frenchman is going nowhere and that he will be Man United player once the new season starts. However, that seems only like a reasonable and mostly necessary ploy, as the player, the agent and the club should work things out once Pogba is back in England.

Pogba’s contract with Man United runs until June 2021 and that means United would be wise to sell the player this summer. Firstly, he does not want to stay at Old Trafford and then there is the fact that next season he would be entering his final year of the contract. If Devils want to recoup as much as possible from Pogba, selling him now makes far more sense and that is probably how Ed Woodward thinks as well.

Pogba has made 89 league appearances in his second spell at United, scoring 24 goals, but it never felt as great as everyone at Man United hoped. His comments in Tokyo basically mean that Pogba does not feel like he could achieve more in Manchester than he already did – which was winning Europa League in 2017 – and that is fair, too. It is a sad reality that Man United do not have much to offer Pogba. Seeing only Dan James signed so far and the likes of Sean Longstaff and Issa Diop linked with a move to United, Pogba would be correct to assume things are not going to get better.

Also, there is the fact that Man United could reinvest the money they get from a potential Pogba sale into several positions. That is, too, dependent on how well Woodward and his team will do their job this summer, but the problems Devils have at this point are not the problems Pogba himself can solve. He was brought in to create Man United side that was to be built around him and three years later, that did not happen. At 26, it makes sense for Pogba to look for a move to a better club.

Man United will still have their problems to solve, whether Pogba is there or not.

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