No Bidding War For Pogba, Sanchez Stars At Copa America

Do Not Expect Bidding War For Pogba

Rumours started swirling around on Tuesday that Juventus are interested to get Paul Pogba back from Manchester United and the reported fee was 140 million euros. However, Man United fans should not expect this to be true. First, if Juventus were to truly bid for him, while Real Madrid are clearly interested, then that could set this whole thing on a bidding war. But that is not going to happen.

Real Madrid are clearly trying to get Pogba and his recent PR stunt in Tokyo was definitely done after ‘a wink’ from Madrid, but Juve are not the realistic possibility here. They already got Aaron Ramsey and are in talks with Adrien Rabiot, both on free transfer, but also with great paychecks waiting for them. Have in mind that Juventus are still recuperating from that huge fee for Ronaldo last year and it is clear that Bianconerri simply cannot pay as much as Real Madrid are ready to.

Also, it helps that rumours about Juventus never really started from a reputable source and then it all fits together. We talked yesterday about United needing to sell Pogba if he already wants to move, but there will be only one bidder in that process. What United need to do is similar to what Chelsea did with Eden Hazard transfer – the other club is ready to pay a hefty sum, the player wants to leave and your position is weak. Then, the only thing is to try and get as much money as possible. And considering Hazard’s 100+ million pounds deal, that is not just a wish.

Sanchez Stars At Copa America – A Chance For Redemption?

Chile started their Copa America campaign last night and they started it properly! Japan, one of the two invitees, were dismantled with ease, as Chile won 4-0. Thus, La Roja started their title defence in a strong fashion and Alexis Sanchez had a great role in that performance. He scored the third goal of the match, after 82 minutes of play and just one minute later he assisted Eduardo Vargas for the fourth.

It was a great all-round performance from Man United’s winger and he looks set to have a great Copa America again. Matches against Uruguay and Ecuador could further confirm that, but what would a great Copa America mean for him? Would that be his chance to show everyone at United they should have faith in him?

So far, that looks unrealistic, but a stellar tournament could mean an easier escape from his current situation. Sanchez would have it much easier to find his new club, which would also appease the Devils. We will have to wait and see.

Wan-Bissaka News

Of course, do not forget to read our article about Aaron Wan-Bissaka and the failed bid Man United have sent to Crystal Palace.

According to a report from Sky Sports, the Old Trafford side submitted a £50 million offer for the England international although it wasn’t one where the club would pay the entire fee upfront. Instead, United wanted to pay “only” £35m of the deal right away, while paying the reminder £15m on add-ons that might have been completed during the duration of the contract. But Palace have been clear on the stance. The only way they’d accept parting ways with Wan-Bissaka is if they get a £50m transfer fee.

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