Icardi And Dembele Rule Out Man United, Neville On Lingard

Icardi Does Not Want Man United Move

Gazeta dello Sport are certain – Mauro Icardi does not want to join Manchester United. A rumour started in the last couple of days that Man United would be interested in getting the Argentine striker if Romelu Lukaku was to really change Old Trafford for San Siro. That way, it was a logical conclusion, Inter would have to pay much less for the Belgian striker, which would have solved them two problems – a huge transfer fee for Lukaku and getting rid of problematic Mauro Icardi.

Whether you think Icardi would be a great move for Man United or not – mostly because of his controversial personality – it is a fact that this only speaks volumes of how hard it is for the club to sign their targets. It is no problem signing players like Daniel James, with all due respect to him, but he is not of profile Icardi has. And that is just another proof that the rebuild for Man United will be a long, painful process in which, it seems so, fans will not enjoy.

Moussa Dembele Confirms Lyon Stay

If France draw against Romania at U-21 Euros in Italy and San Marino, they will progress to semifinals (and Olympics), and Moussa Dembele with them too. But the Man United target will probably not be the target anymore, as he confirmed after the match that he plans to stay at Olympique Lyon for another year.

Speaking after scoring the winning goal in France Under-21s’ 1-0 victory over Croatia on Friday, Dembele told RMC Sport: ‘I still have another four years on my contract, I will be at Lyon next season.’

Whilst that is great news for him – it proves he is not hurrying himself to a bigger club in his early twenties – it is not great for those who wanted to see Dembele at Man United. The striker will get the chance to play for Lyon in Champions League, something he would not get here.

Gary Neville On Jesse Lingard

Gary Neville spoke about the latest Jesse Lingard situation. Man United midfielder posted a Snapchat video this week from his apartment on a holiday, which did not make happy many at the club. Former Man United right-back had his view on that situation.

“When I watch Jesse Lingard play I always think he works really hard. But why would you do something that is potentially going to bring you criticism? The idea of a guy going on social media, looking a bit of a prat while not winning football matches and not playing that well is a really bad cocktail”, Neville said and continued.

“But then again, on the other side, he’s giving his all, he’s a young lad and social media is the modern form of media, so get over it. Jesse Lingard doesn’t drink a lot. Twenty years ago, somebody going on a holiday would have been bladdered for four weeks. What’s worse – a social media post where somebody’s having a bit of a joke or getting bladdered for four weeks? You’d rather have your player being sober, probably training all day & having a joke with his mates.”

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