Three Reasons Why Manchester United’s Elimination From Champions League Would Not Hurt Too Bad

Manchester United maybe lost their first match under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, but the run they have made before that is not erased. Results are still far better than anyone could have imagined some two months ago and the team is in a great position to end up in top four of the Premier League.

Sure, it will still be a huge battle for the Devils, as they are not that far ahead of Chelsea and Arsenal, but compared to where they were after the loss to Liverpool, this seems like a really good chance to finish in a spot which will earn the club another Champions League campaign. That is why today we are looking at the reasons why Man United potentially (and realistically, as it seems now) getting eliminated against PSG is not all that bad.

It will probably not hurt as much as it could have and it will definitely not hurt as much it did last season losing at the hands of Sevilla.

PSG Are Simply Better

This is something that simply changed in comparison to last season. Sevilla was not that great side, they even failed to qualify for Champions League this season and they were definitely worse than the team from the previous season. Now, PSG are a completely different opponent. The French champions proved just how dangerous and decisive they can be, even without Neymar and Edinson Cavani.

Jonathan Wilson tried to argue PSG were maybe better because Neymar did not play, which made their match plan all the more cohesive, but whatever you believe in, they were just better. We talked about all aspects of that match and if they finish it off in Paris, then United will know they were beaten by a stronger side, which invested around 400 million euros in Mbappe and Neymar alone.

Premier League Is Priority Right Now

At this point in time, Man United would get a huge boost if they were to get to Champions League’s quarterfinals. But reaching final eight and missing out on Champions League next season would be much more hurtful in the long run. The Premier League is priority now, there is not much to argue about. Finishing in top four is a must in order to continue regularly playing in the best competition and having the chance to lure to Manchester some of the best players. They are not going to arrive if the team has to settle with a Europa League campaign.

Realising What Is Needed In The Summer

Man United have seen how much behind the top teams they, even they did not play the very best of the best this season. But they get the idea of what needs to changed and improved. A defence of Young, Bailly, Lindelöf and Shaw does not scream immense quality, but rather “okay”. If the club wants to push for the biggest trophies, reinforcements are needed in some areas, upgrading this talented team that is too thin right now and too fragile when some of the starting players are not fit.

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