Comparing Premier League’s Top 6 Since Jose Mourinho Took Over Manchester United

Manchester United are currently in a difficult situation for a while now. The team has won just one game in the last seven and even that one came after a late comeback in a match where the still winless side had a 2-0 lead nine minutes into the match. Jose Mourinho is still under pressure and things are far from rosy at the Premier League’s currently 10th team this season.

So, it might be a good time to recapitulate a bit. Since Jose Mourinho took over Manchester United in summer of 2016, only Manchester City spent more money. The Devils have played 85 Premier League matches under Mourinho and their score reads 47 wins, 23 draws and 15 losses with a goal difference of 137-73. That is 164 points won, or 1.93 points per match. Compared to all top six sides, only Arsenal have less points.

Here is what all of the other five teams managed to do in the past two years and three months.

Manchester City – P85, W62, D15, L8 – GF212, GA69 – PTS201

Records breaking everywhere! Where to even start? The only team with 200+ points in this period and 200+ goals scored. They won the league in a way no other team before them did. They started the season even better than last time, at least according to some underlying numbers. They could be better in the Champions League, but this could be their season.

Chelsea – P85, W57, D13, L15 – GF167, GA78 – PTS184

In the meantime, they also won the league, but also won the FA Cup last season by beating United in the final. They tied the record for most wins in a season which held out for just a year. They have not invested incredible sums of money, but still managed to get results. Chelsea’s only negative is playing Europa League this season.

Tottenham Hotspur – P85, W56, D16, L13 – GF176, GA69 – PTS184

They are far behind all other top six teams in terms of revenue and that is why their results are getting so much praise. What could they achieve if they had the money some other teams have? They still have the same core of players and are developing some younger ones very well, something Man United could not be as proud of.

Liverpool – P85, W50, D24, L11 – GF178, GA83 – PTS174

Liverpool did not win any silverware in a while, but are now looking as a far better established club for long-term success. They played in a Champions League final and seem the only real threat to Manchester City in the Premier League. Their results are also overachievements, looking at their wage bill, but they have also invested huge sums this summer. That might actually pay off.

Arsenal – P85, W49, D12, L24 – GF173, GA106 – PTS159

The only team that has been worse than Man United and we could say also the only team that has been as shambolic in some of their moves of the pitch. But with Unai Emery and some of the new faces behind the scenes, Arsenal might be getting back to track. They could get back into top four and therefore Champions League, while Man United are still mid-table.

Majority of these five teams have done better than Manchester United. The only thing the Devils could be bragging about is the Europa League won in 2017, but that is far from fulfilling for Man United fans. Sometimes just plain numbers are a good indicator of what has been bad. Scoring 137 goals in 85 games is exactly that.

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