Where Could Paul Pogba Go Next Summer?

Manchester United always seem half a step from a crisis these days. After a 1-1 draw with Wolves, Paul Pogba’s post-match comments made a negative feedback at the club, especially with Jose Mourinho. On Wednesday, following a loss on penalties to Derby County in League Cup, the manager allegedly said to the Frenchman to leave the training just after his arrival. The video went viral in a matter of minutes and it was obvious from it that there is something seriously wrong going on between the manager and the star player.

It has now gotten to a point where their relationship seems unfixable. Mourinho always talked about positivity when he is on the training pitches, but this video showed a very cold relationship between the two, with Pogba being surprised with what the manager was telling him. Whatever was the precise case, Paul Pogba will not want to stay at the club with Mourinho being the manager.

As the Portuguese has two more years of his contract, is it unrealistic to see Pogba in a different shirt next summer? Or even next winter? It is hard to predict, but with Pogba’s agent being Mino Raiola, he will be more than happy to find a new deal for his player. But where would Pogba go?


It is obvious that Pogba could not play just for any club, especially since his wages are huge and Manchester United would want a big transfer, to recoup as much as possible from the deal. Barcelona could definitely do that. They have money, they wanted Pogba this summer and Barcelona is amongst the top clubs that Pogba would like to play for. Here is what Luis Suarez said about the Frenchman just before the transfer window was closed – “Pogba’s an elite player who’s won everything. I think he’d like to be competing for more than he is. He would always be welcome”.


Could Pogba really return to Juventus? If we were to take this into consideration, that would not happen this winter, as Cristiano Ronaldo just arrived and that took a lot of money out of the club. But Juventus would probably welcome him right away. It would be tough for them to find the necessary money and it is a question how much Juventus really could pay for him and who would have to leave to accommodate Pogba’s arrival.

Paris Saint-Germain

If there is one club that would love to spend incredible sums of money on individuals they essentially do not need, that would PSG. Pogba fits that perfectly – he is expensive, he is great for the marketing part of the club and PSG love buying players that would improve their brand. It would be a question how much he would improve the PSG in their quest for the Champions League and also a big question would be the Financial Fair Play. PSG would probably have issues with getting the deal done because of the FFP.

Where do you see Pogba next season? How realistic is to see him at Old Trafford in 2019-20?

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