Why Would Signing Yerry Mina Be A Bad Move For Manchester United?

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Manchester United are now just eight days away from their Premier League opener against Leicester City next Friday. Their solutions for the centre-back are still to be found and Sky Sports report who that solution might be. Sky Sports say that Man United have cooled down their interest in Harry Maguire and have been making contacts with Barcelona in regards to a transfer of Yerry Mina.

We have talked about the Colombian centre-back recently – why he would need to leave Barcelona this summer, why his World Cup performances will make people feel he is a good option to have in the team and also, what United could get from him. However, here we are going to look why it would be bad for Manchester United to sign him in the next seven days.

Not enough experience

Simply put, Yerry Mina does not possess enough experience. For the levels needed at Man United, that is not good enough. The Colombian made six appearances in European football so far. Six. Five in La Liga and the sixth coming in Copa del Rey, where he played just seven minutes. How can United be sure he is the one they need right now? Because, we are not talking about someone who is going to be the fourth centre-back and someone Man United can wait to properly develop and improve. He is expected to come in and improve the starting XI. Can we really expect that from him?

Mina came to Barcelona this winter from Palmeiras on the basis of the 33 games he played there, in Brazil. That is a single season in Brazil’s Serie A, after the transfer from Independiente Santa Fe. Barcelona have spent some money on him and now want to get rid off him six months later, trying to earn on the basis of his good World Cup performances.

Hindering Victor Lindelöf

His move not only would not be screaming “success” all over the place, but it would also potentially hinder Victor Lindelöf. The Swede had played last season a smaller part in United’s campaign and if United were to sign Mina for some 30 million pounds, than that would mean even less playing time for Lindelöf. He has not really shined just yet, but what is to say that Mina would be far better than him? We do not have such evidence. As far as we know, Lindelöf has played more football at this high level than the Colombian. What United need now is a centre-back that will instantly improve Man United. That kind of player potentially taking Lindelöf’s playing time would be something more worthy.

Proves United’s Chaotic Strategy

This move would once again prove that Manchester United do their transfer business quite chaotically. What if Mina had not scored three goals at the World Cup? Would anyone truly notice him? Man United seem to be panicking a little bit, since they still did not sign a centre-back. Mina is someone who has to leave his club without actually proving his worth in Europe. Why would Manchester United feel that he is the right man for Jose Mourinho’s defence. Four matches at the World Cup should never be a proper way to judge the value of the player.

3 Comments on Why Would Signing Yerry Mina Be A Bad Move For Manchester United?

  1. Stop being biased,the Ramos of today was given a chance before becaming the best defender in the world

  2. If signing Mina improves United’s back line, that’s enough evidence to me that it should be done. Certainly, Lindelof has shown excellent improvement in the World Cup and let’s hope it continues into the season. With all the games United have to play, having another CD around, especially if the new CD is better than some CDs who are already there, will not hurt United one bit. Of course, there is always the possibility that one or two of their CDs will go to another club. If the price is right, I think United should sign Mina. If Maguire subsequently becomes available, I’d sign him too. It seems journalists ignore the number of CDs City have signed in the last three years. Having extra CDs certainly hasn’t hurt their performance.

  3. Yep thats true Mina without doubt will be a hit, just like Eric did the clubs he played for are the best in South America and then Barca in Europe went on to buy. The reason Barca have to sell is 2 fold the non-EU & a matter of keeping Umtiti not that he is bad

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