Should Manchester United Chase Alexis Sanchez?


The summer transfer window is getting closed in a few days but the drama in England is still not over. Alexis Sanchez reportedly handed in a transfer request at Arsenal and wants to leave the club. With the window shutting on Thursday, should Manchester United chase the Chilean star?

Arsenal in a very difficult situation for many reasons. Their woes from last season were only masked by a new FA Cup trophy. Arsene Wenger stayed but nothing really changed. Several important players entered last year of their contract and one of them is Alexis Sanchez.

The Chilean had a few options when the season started. He could have signed a new deal and stay at Arsenal. He could chose to wait for January and then sign a pre-contract with any club interested in him and leave Arsenal six months later. Also, Sanchez could have just waited for 1 July 2018 and then sign for any club that is interested in him.

Yes, Manchester United Should Chase Alexis Sanchez

There is one obvious reason. Alexis Sanchez is an amazing football player. He was Arsenal’s go-to man in previous years and last season especially. In 51 matches last season, Alexis scored 30 goals and assisted further 19. A player able to create almost 50 goals in one season is an asset everyone should relish.

Just imagine Manchester United last season with Alexis in their team. He was doing exactly what Man United missed – he was scoring goals on the whim. Alexis is able to create something out of nothing, he is an incredible fighter and his will to help to the team is huge.

Many times in previous years Arsenal were not playing well and he was there for them to save them. His work rate is something every manager craves for and he wants to play every minute of every match. His professionalism is at the highest level possible.

Last season, Alexis would either score or assist a goal every 86 minutes. Basically, one goal per game would go through him. That kind of player is great choice for almost any team in the world. Manchester United should chase him because he would unequivocally improve them and make them favourites to reach final stages of the Champions League. He is, simply, that good.

No, Manchester United Should Not Chase Alexis Sanchez

On the other hand, this could bring too much change to Manchester United in a short period of time. Jose Mourinho managed to settle his squad pretty well in the first month of the season. With Alexis’ arrival, Mourinho would have to balance even more with his squad. And not only in the first XI, but also around the Carrington.

The squad would now have two great characters in Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Alexis Sanchez. That is not always a good thing. Also, Mourinho is known for giving his attacking-minded players more defensive duties during matches. It is unknown if Sanchez would be happy to do that at the age of 29 and the status he earned in Barcelona and Arsenal.

Nevertheless, it is now on Ed Woodward and his assistants to try and see if this is a deal that could work in Manchester United’s favour. If not, this team is already doing good and could survive not having a player of Alexis’ magnitude.

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