Jose Mourinho Confirms David De Gea Is Not Leaving Manchester United

Manchester United fans all over the world can breathe and relax. There has been a lot of talk regarding a potential exit of David De Gea, but that scenario is reportedly not going to happen anymore.

Speaking in a press conference before Manchester United’s friendly against Real Madrid in USA, Jose Mourinho confirmed the Spanish goalkeeper won’t leave the club this summer. And in fact, Mourinho said De Gea is probably not leaving the club any time soon.

“I can guarantee that he’s not going this season, and it is my feeling it will be very difficult for him to go,” Mourinho told reporters. “He is a very honest boy, very straight. He was contacted for a long time. The club was closed, then we opened because I always have this feeling that, when a player has a desire to go, I don’t like to stop them because, in the end, you don’t get what you expect from them. So we open it and then we decide to close and I think the feeling from him is very good. So I am happy and 100% he stays with us.”

Summing up – De Gea is not going anywhere.

These are great news for everyone. Manchester United will maintain one of the best goalkeepers in the world under contract. De Gea will remain in the club that transformed him into a star. And the fans will not have to worry about the team searching for a new goalkeeper. It seems like everybody is happy with this outcome.

Let’s be clear. De Gea is an integral part of the club. And losing would have been devastating for the team. Not only because Sergio Romero represents a downgrade, but also because his departure would have strengthened a direct competitor such as Real Madrid, for example. If we consider the position the team is in, doing that would probably set the team a few steps in the wrong direction.

This is a great move for the club. And it’s the kind of move United needed to work their way back to respectability. Because as we saw last season, a star goalkeeper is key to challenge for the Premier League title.

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