Fergie to move upstairs?

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Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed that he would like to ‘move upstairs’ in two or three years time when his legendary reign as boss comes to an end. Ferguson revealed in a radio interview that he also had the chance to sign Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart, who was playing for Shrewsbury back in 2006. Many believe that current Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho will become the next United manager – but how would the Portuguese feel in having Sir Alex still at the club?

I’m not going to spout nonsense about the fact that many United managers saw Sir Matt Busby’s presence as a hindrance (considering I wasn’t there), however it has been well documented that the likes of Frank O’Farrell and Wilf McGuiness never entirely comfortable with Sir Matt remaining at the club following stepping down as United boss in the early 70s. Sir Alex never saw it as a hinderance and used to speak about visiting Sir Matt for a chat and advise.

If Sir Alex remains at the club in some capacity, will this be a hinderance to his successor? There is no doubt that Ferguson is aiming to leave United in a better state of affairs than Busby did when he stepped down in 1969, only to take over from Wilf Mcguinness in the 1970-71 season, but do you think that his presence will hinder the next manager (whoever he may be) or do you think he can aid the next Manchester United boss with his experience and knowledge?

For the record, Sir Alex Ferguson is – for me – the greatest manager that has ever graced this earth. He has evolved with the times, creating great side after great side and instilling belief in his players that anything is possible, most noticeably in the recent 3-3 draw with Chelsea, when United found themselves three goals down.

Rinus Michels may have set out to create a footballing philosophy that manipulated the space on a football field and set a blueprint that Barcelona still use today, but for me Sir Alex is a one off and there will not be another one like him. Having said that, when his time is up as manager – do you think he should leave all together or remain in an ambassadorial role at the club?

You can hear the interview tonight at 7pm on BBC Radio five live.

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  1. Having access to SAF’s experience is no bad thing, but using his outlook to hamper a new manager’s style is. I was around when Busby wanted the new manager to do things HIS way, and look what happened. Great as he was, Busby himself was the architect of 20 years in the wilderness by relying too much on the “old guard” and not investing for the next generation. I don’t think SAF has done that to the existing team, but some signs are similar to then. As SAF himself says, the manager is the one in charge, and that needs to be the case for the next manager when SAF retires.

  2. However salient, I think too much is being made of the situation with SMB & Wilf Mc Guiness. SAF has more integrity than to interfere with the running of the team. It is assumed that the new manager will be of suitable experience, ability and moral fibre for this not to be an issue. I personally think that it is essential that SAF is still actively associated with the club after he retires in the same way that Bobby Charlton is still involved. SAF is a football legend and his continued links with MUFC can only enhance our reputation and standing in the football world.

  3. I’ve got for the “Retire” option. I don’t know if the Busby situation would be liable to repeat itself but it’s best avoided altogether, though obviously that only happens if Fergie goes by choice because we can’t exactly shove him out.

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