Pogba going nowhere (hopefully!)

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Paul Pogba’s been linked with a move away from the club recently with Inter, Man City and Arsenal all being named as admirers. It’s thought his contract ends this summer and his agent is keen for him to get a large pay rise. However, new quotes from Sir Alex Ferguson suggest this isn’t the case, yet.

Paul Pogba’s tricky contract situation seems a little clear tonight. Fergie has confirmed that the club have the option to extend his current deal by one year, taking him through to June 2013. This would mean that if it is invoked then foreign clubs wouldn’t be able to offer Pogba a contract this January and English clubs wouldn’t be able to speak to him in June.

Fergie has confirmed that ideally the club want to tie him down to a new deal altogether however admits that his agent is proving tricky to work with.

There’s little doubt that Pogba enjoys being at the club and along with the other FA Youth Cup winners last year, he’s part of a very talented generation. He’s already played three first team games at a younger age (18 years, 9 months) than Gibson, Fletcher, Scholes, Butt or Beckham did. His talent is unquestionable but he’ll have to remain patient too. His physique is coming along nicely as is his technical and attacking ability; it’s his defensive side that maybe lets him down at the moment as well as moments of casualness.

Time is on his side but with the current midfield crisis he may well get a chance soon and could be in the squad to face QPR this weekend.

Quotes from Fergie today:

“You don’t need to chase money at a club like Manchester United, it will eventually find you. He’s got an agent who’s obviously become a bit difficult but we’re negotiating with this agent and we want the boy to stay. But it’s down to the individual also. Matt Busby summed it up perfectly, that you don’t need to chase money at a club like Manchester United, it will eventually find you.

If you’re good enough, you will earn money and become rich playing for us, there’s no doubt about it. You hope he gets the right advice. All the young players who remain here always do well. It’s one of these situations that they can chase the money early in their career but at the end it’s not the same as if they’d stayed here. It’s the decision the player has to take himself, no matter who he is, about where they think their best future will be. He just needs to look round about him to realise that. But if he wants to go, there is nothing we can do about it.

We have an option on Paul’s contract that takes us into a year-and-a-half away so in that respect there’s not a great emergency about it. But we’d like the boy to sign a contract and if he’d like to be a Manchester United player then he knows what to do.

There will be chances here. We’ve got players capable of wearing the red jersey and, and they’ll wear it with complete confidence they can do well. I think it’s how you handle the situation. We’re not panicking. We’ve got enough experience in the staff to cope with these things. We know it happens and there’s no point crying about it. You just get on with it, there’s nothing else you can do. You’ve got injuries, deal with it.

You’re always tempted to buy if you feel the right player comes along, you have to be. But they’re not there, so what do you do? It is one of these situations that unless a player we have been interested in for a while appears and we can get him, then there is not much point brining in an individual in just because it gives you another number.

Pogba is a possibility because he is a big strong lad, he’s a good athlete, he is improving, he is developing well. In terms of the FA Youth Cup winning team of last season, he, physically, is better than the rest of that group, maybe apart from Zeki Fryers who is a very good athlete.”

This story and all the quotes come from The Mirror and manutd.com.

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