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Gyliano van Velzen, the new Manchester United recruit from Ajax, took time to answer some questions for the team (and our followers) on Twitter. Here are the first bunch; we’ll publish the whole lot later on. Be sure to forward or RT the messages to Yolkie or Doron to make sure you’re included in this blog.

Read on, for Gyliano’s favoured position, his thoughts on joining Manchester United, and which club legend he looks upto.

Doron : How are you enjoying United? When will we get to see you play for the U18s?

Gyliano : I’m enjoying Manchester, but don’t know when I can play.

Doron : Good to hear. Are you back in Holland at the moment? We’re looking forward to seeing you in the red of Manchester United.

Gyliano : No – I’m now in England.. thank you!

Doron : What are your first impressions of United? Do you play as a striker or a winger?

Gyliano : It’s a very big, and beautiful club. I play as a left winger.

Doron : In that case, you have an opportunity to learn from the legend, Ryan Giggs! Good luck, Gyliano, we’re all very excited.

Yolkie : What can we look forward to seeing from you? Do you see yourself as a fast winger, or a trickster?

Gyliano : I don’t like to speak about myself!

Yolkie : Is 11 your favourite shirt number? And who is your favourite United player who’s currently at the club?

Gyliano : Yes! And, Ryan Giggs!!

Yolkie : Have you been to Old Trafford yet?

Gyliano : Yes – it’s very nice. A big stadium with a big capacity.

Yolkie : Hopefully we’ll be able to sing a song for you there soon..

Gyliano : Haha!

ManUtd24 : What player did you most look upto as a kid? One of the Dutch legends? Cruyff or van Basten? Or somebody else?

Gyliano : No, I most look upto Cristiano Ronaldo.

Robert McGlanaghy : Has everything with ajax been fixed (contract and fee)?

Gyliano : Yes I think so.

Ayush Ahuja : Are you training with the Academy these days and when can we see you play?

Gyliano : I have trained since last month, but I cannot play for a while.

Abhinav Sharma : Have you got to meet Sir Alex yet?

Gyliano : Yeah I saw him today.

Ben Smith : Hey, been watching your clips on YouTube, can’t wait to see you play for real. How are you enjoying life in Manchester?

Gyliano : Hahaha I am enjoying it here in Manchester.

Preben Walle : Who’s the best player you’ve played with so far in your career?

Gyliano : I don’t know!

Robert McGlanaghy : Have you always supported United or any other english team?

Gyliano : Always Manchester United!

Preben Walle : Who have you enjoyed playing with the most?

Gyliano : Rio Ferdinand in training.

Stephen McDonough : What do you do to relax and chill out? What games do you like to play and movies do you like to watch?

Gyliano : I play playstation or I watch some movies. I play PES 2010 or Call of Duty. I like watch lots of different movies.

Jamie Ratcliffe : Are you an Ajax fan? Or do you support another Dutch club?

Gyliano : No I’m not a fan, I like Manchester United the most.

Scott Grainger : Who do you look forward to playing with the most at United?

Gyliano : Ryan Giggs.

ManUtd24 : What’s your favourite TV show?

Gyliano : I dont have a favorite show but I like X-Factor.

Vansh69 : Who is your favourite Dutch player?

Gyliano : Arjen Robben.

Jamie Lindsay : What made you come to Manchester? What did you like about the club?

Gyliano : Everything is nice here, the players, the staff, the club!

Nick Jennings : Hi Gyliano, how did you get on playing for the Netherlands last week?

Gyliano : We ended up finishing in 2nd place.

Damen Griffiths : What do you want to achieve in football?

Gyliano : I want to play for the first team of Man Utd, and play for the Dutch team and become a very good player!

Simply Reds : Will you be watching the Academy game tomorrow? (being played now!)

Gyliano : Yes.

Simon Adcock : Are you actually the real Gyliano van Velzen?

Gyliano : Yesssss!

We will continue to update this blog as Gyliano answers more questions..

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  1. Nice one, did he have to get authorisation from the club before the interview? Our young players have tended to be wrapped-up in cotton wool by the club, so I’m not surprised he was nice and ahem…. boring.

    He looks on good on youtube.

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