28 August 2010 | Stretty Stories

West Ham singles out Paul Scholes as United’s threat, Sir Alex hypes up Bebe, Rio could be two weeks from a return, and Capello is ready to axe Rooney.

Nullifying Scholes a priority – The Daily Telegraph

West Ham has singled out Paul Scholes as the main threat in today’s fixture against United. He has been our star in the first few match, and at the age of 35 he’s been nothing short of impressive.

Sir Ales: Bebe will be a world beater once he’s fit – The Daily Mail

Sir Alex certainly knows how to build anticipation around our newest signing. So little is known about the Portuguese winger, and with a raving review from the gaffer has only made me more excited to see Bebe in action. The press launched a scathing attack on Bebe this week, and Sir Alex has moved to defend the newest Red Devil. Bebe has yet to feature for the first team and was not included in Tuesday’s reserve fixture, but Sir Alex says it’s only a matter of fitness, not ability as the press suggested. Sir Alex said the coaching staff has been very impressed by the winger’s skill.

Rio Ferdinand could return in two weeks – The Daily Telegraph

Some good news regarding Rio. The England captain has resumed training and could be ready for action in as little as two weeks, far ahead of schedule from his late-September return. Will be nice to have his leadership back in the team, I think our defense has really missed him these past weeks in that regard.

Capello ready to axe Rooney – The Sun

This is Fabio Capello’s answer to England’s woes? He can’t be serious. He may be on a goal drought, but he’s still the best English striker. Maybe it’s because I’m not English, but I can’t say I’d be that upset to see Rooney axed from England. He could concentrate solely on United and the rejection may serve as motivation for him to prove his doubters wrong.

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2 Comments on 28 August 2010 | Stretty Stories

  1. re Bebe: just don’t the understand the level of fitness Fergie referring here. he played some good matches for the club, didn’t get injured. he should be in proper fitness this time. he would have played him if he was impressive in training session. still early to talk about him though.

  2. How does “Capello won’t risk Rooney’s fitness for the sake of a friendly” translate to Capello being ready to “axe” him?

    Whatever his flaws, Capello hasn’t had his astonishingly good track record to date by not knowing his best players. Stupid misleading tabloid rubbish.

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