27 August 2010 | Stretty Stories

Manchester United have discovered their group for the Champions League, police are worried about the Ranger fixture, and Carrick is fighting to get himself back into the squad.

Champions League draw sees Manchester United face Rangers – The Guardian

I would hope by now you’ve read about the Champions League draw and know who is in Group C with Manchester United, but in case you haven’t I’m here to get you up-to-date. United will take part in the Battle of Britain against Rangers, with Valencia and Bursaspor making up the remainder of the group. Certainly a dangerous a group, and I don’t necessarily mean on the pitch. In the past Valencia may have been a threat, but without David Villa or Silva, I’m not too worried. In all honesty it seems like a fairly easy group to progress from, but I worry about what may happen with conflicts between fans. Turkish fixtures always seem to be hostile, and as for Rangers…

Police on alert for Rangers trip to Manchester United – The Guardian

The last time Rangers were in Manchester was for the 2007-08 UEFA Cup final. While I wasn’t there, all the stories I’ve heard have painted a pretty clear picture that Rangers fans destroyed the city while visiting for the cup final, which consequently led to United being unable to have a parade to celebrate their Champions League success that season. Clearly with the past history of Rangers fans in Manchester and the grudge still held by United fans, the police are worried of any possible incidents during this year’s Battle of Britain at Old Trafford. It’s probably a good idea that the police are already taking measures to prevent any problems.

Carrick vows to fight for place at United – The Daily Mail

After not featuring the first two Premier League matches of the season, Michael Carrick is determined to force his way back into the squad. With Darren Fletcher established in the starting XI and Paul Scholes in brilliant form, it may not be too easy for Carrick to work his way back into the midfield. I’m backing him to come back from his dip in form last season and get to the level we all know he can play it. When he’s on form he’s an excellent asset to have in the squad.

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  1. For Carrick it’d be a start if he could manage to play without looking terrified of mistakes again. I’ve got no idea what happened to him last year, but a guy who has the raw ability to dominate big games doesn’t look to have the mentality for it. And that’s a huge shame for United and England.

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