22 August 2010 | Stretty Stories

As usual, the press is slow with Manchester United news the day of a match, but we still have a few good stories. Unfortunately, Rooney seems likely to miss the match against Fulham due to illness, while Sir Alex says Paul Scholes just keeps getting better.

Rooney likely to miss Fulham match with stomach bug  – The Guardian

Certainly not good news, but also not as devastating as it would’ve been last season. It seems Rooney is likely to miss the match at Craven Cottage due to illness, but I’m sure Berbatov, Chicharito, Owen, and Macheda are more than capable of filling in during his absence. Personally, I loved the Berbatov and Chicharito pairing during preseason and wouldn’t mind seeing it again during the Premier League. However, with Sir Alex, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Rooney playing tomorrow…

Sir Alex: Scholes just getting fitter and better – The Guardian

Amen. I spent at least 30 minutes yesterday explaining to my girlfriend why Scholes is one of the best players in the game, even at the age of  35. Even though he may not score all the goals he used to, his passing is simply phenomenal. The older he gets, it seems the better he reads the game and the more his passing improves. As I write this I’m wearing my SCHOLES 18 shirt. The day he retires, I will be devastated.

Happy Birthday: Kiko Macheda! The Italian striker turns 19 today.

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