20 August 2010 | Stretty Stories

It’s a rather disappointing day for United in the press. Rodrigo Possebon is heading home to play for Santos in Brazil, former assistant Carlos Queiroz has received a ban from the Portuguese Football Federation, and Dimitar Berbatov has earned comparison to Eric Cantona.

I thought Possebon would be the next play to breakthrough from the reserves, but with him gone I’m curious to see who our readers think is the next youngster to come through the ranks.

Rodrigo Possebon on his way home to Brazil – The Daily Mail

It comes with great sorrow that I must report that Rodrigo Possebon is leaving Old Trafford to sign for Brazilian club Santos. I wish this were just rumor, but it has unfortunately been confirmed on the official site. Possebon looked extremely promising in his first appearances for United, but a tackle by Emanuel Pogatetz in the Carling Cup brought his career to a screeching halt. He appeared to only be a shadow of his former self when he returned from injury, and now a chance of an Old Trafford comeback is gone. From the crew at Stretford-End.com, I would like to wish Possebon good luck with the rest of his career and thank him for his years of service to Manchester United.

Portugal boss Carlos Queiroz suspended – The Daily Mail

Sir Alex’s former assistant has been banned by the Portuguese Football Federation for becoming “aggressive” with drug testers who showed up to training in the build up to the World Cup. The one-month ban means he will miss two qualifier for Euro 2012. Personally, I think Queiroz has struggled in all his management roles and is more suited for an assistant’s role. I’d certainly welcome him back at United if his job with the national team doesn’t work out.

Berbatov drawing a Cantona comparison – The Daily Mirror

While I am a fan of Dimitar Berbatov, I’m not sure I would compare him to one of my all-time Old Trafford favorites – Eric Cantona. The Daily Mirror has though after Berbatov compared football to art. The Bulgarian said he aims to create beautiful things on the pitch, we he does quite well. Sometimes he has moments of brilliance, though sometimes I wish he would focus more on being effective in front of goal rather than stylish. I actually agree that his comments are very Cantona-esque and to be fair this isn’t the first time Berbatov has drawn comparisons to Le King. Hopefully Berbatov can start channeling his inner-Cantona on the pitch this season.

Fun Fact: Since the Premier League’s inception in 1992, Manchester United has totaled £136m in net transfer spending. Manchester City has now surpassed £428m in net transfer spending following the completion of the James Milner deal. I find this fact particularly interesting because my friend who supports City has accused United of “buying trophies” for as long as I’ve known him. I wonder what he’ll say now if City finally manage to win a trophy…

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2 Comments on 20 August 2010 | Stretty Stories

  1. I have long held Berbatov close enough to Cantona’s pedestal for many reasons that I might try to enumerate later.

    England has a terrible deficit or is it, inversion of football attitude; Everyting begins from goals. And ends there most times.

    Whereas, football while being about goals is best when drawn out, almost in an art-form.

    Berbatov does that; He needs less pressure and more focus and he can be unstoppable near goal.

    Artists has to be exuberant…

  2. You’re right Kyle, right up my street! Hard to know who is going to break through next. I voted for ‘other’ simply as I think Cleverley still hasn’t quite broken through.

    They rate Joshua King verrrryyyy highly but there are a lot of players ahead of him. Personally I’d like to see it be Eikrem, big big fan of his.

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