17 August 2010 | Stretty Stories

The Manchester United news is a bit slow today with yesterday’s 3-0 victory over Newcastle dominating headlines. The big news is Patrice Evra’s attendance at French Football Federation’s hearing today. Besides that, there’s really not much United in the press today, so Evra will get my full attention for today’s Stretty Stories.

You won’t get a Pat on the back – The Sun

I think few, if any, would disagree that France’s World Cup campaign was embarrassing. Even disregarding their off-the-pitch antics, the performances were far from impressive. Unfortunately, it seems our beloved left back may have played a crucial role in those off-the-field antics. I have no idea what happened during their World Cup campaign, so I’m not going to condemn Evra for his alleged actions. And even if they were true, Evra has always come through for United, and that’s all that matters to me. I can actually somewhat respect the captain sticking up for his teammate. If reports are true, then I agree that he and his teammates handle the situation the wrong way, but sticking up for your teammate is an admirable quality. Either way, United have reluctantly allowed Evra to attend the hearing with the French Football Federation today. Personally, I think it’s overkill. Should Evra be banned from representing France again, though, I can’t say I’d be too upset. While I know playing for his country is important to Evra, I’ve said before that removing the distraction of internationals could only benefit United.

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  1. Domenech was a joke. This was so out of character from Evra that it makes me think that Domenech is even a bigger headcase than we thought. So glad to see Evra back in the red of United.Genuinely think he is the best left back in the world. Would take him ahead of Ashley Cole any day of the week.

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