Wolves fined £25,000 for fielding weakened side against United


Wolverhampton Wanderers were today fined £25k for fielding an understrength side against United back in December. Wolverhampton Wanders lost the match 3-0, however made a number of changes from their game against Tottenham Hotspur the previous weekend for the clash against Manchester United. Mick McCarthy obviously felt that he should rest his side for the match against Burnley after United – a match that Wolves won 2-0. The Stretty Rant feel that the Premier League are demonstrating complete double standards on this issue.

Firstly, a £25k fine is quite pathetic compared to the prize money the club will receive from staying in the League but how comes the Premier League have no problem with United putting out a weakened side against Hull City but do with Wolves against Manchester United? If Kevin Doyle or Nenad Milijas were injured against United (the two players to score against Burnley) and didn’t play on the weekend – what cost could that be at the end of the season? Whether you agree with him, McCarthy obviously felt that it wasn’t worth risking the fitness of the majority of his first eleven in a match that he believes wouldn’t have a bearing on their season. Now, if that is the case, what has that got to do with the Premier League? If Wolves stay up by a point and Burnley go down by a point – the McCarthy made the right call. The people who have a right to be annoyed are the Wolves fans that traveled up to Manchester for the match to see a reserve team put out.

You may think “what has it got to do with you?” especially considering United were not punished for the match against Hull City last season. Well, we do take an interest in things that are non United related (like the decline of 3-5-2 in modern day football or Zonal Marking vs. Man Marking if you’re interested!), and I am generally disgusted at the level of hypocrisy showed by the Premier League. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve got the best league in the world but its no thanks to those lads down in West London. United and Wolves have a rich history with some glorious teams (older readers will be aware that the great Stan Cullis described Wolves as ‘the best team in the world’ after beating Hoved of Hungry – who were made up of a number of the Mighty Magyars) throughout the years – which have been a contributing factor to what made football great (and the birth of the European Cup), not Scudamore and his money grabbing schemes. Game 39? No thanks.

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  1. Nice one mate, glad to see a Man Utd fan’s point of veiw to be honest.

    it’s the Wolves fans who should be moaning, everyone else shouldn’t be complaining. The fact that Wenger had a moan about it showed what a hypocrite he is.

    again, nice post

  2. Can only agree. Taking it further, this is a dangerous step into telling managers how to pick their team.

    Will Benitez be retrospectively fined for picking that side at Fulham that had a major contribution to Sheff Utd getting relegated (don’t let them see this, they’ll probably go to court..). Will Fergie be fined for the side he played at Hull?

    What would have happened if Wolves had won at Old Trafford? Leeds won here less than a month later with arguably a weaker side.

    Where does it stop?

    Will the FA fine anyone who brings off a star player when they are 2-0 up to rest them?

    Is it now the FA who decided who is fit and available for the teams? Could lead to half fit players playing and getting injured.

    Can the FA now make Nemanja Vidic play? Owen Hargreaves? Can they force Phil Brown to play Jimmy Bullard who is now fit but “lacks game time and confidence”.

    Very, very, very dangerous precedent being set here.

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