Telegraph includes Benzema and Valencia in our side…

Karim Benzema

The Daily Telehgraph is a superb newspaper, which boast one of the UK’s top journalists – Henry Winter. Yesterday’s edition had a full eight page spread on Cristiano Ronaldo and therefore I bought a copy right away. The general consensus is that for all his gifts and talents he never fully understood what it took to become a Manchester United legend – because no one person ever comes near. For this reason Ronaldo will be better off in Madrid with their Galactico philosophy. However, Ronaldo wasn’t the main attraction of the spread for me – but our potential 2009/10 lineup.

Again – this is only a potential lineup – but the Telegraph had us as:

(GK) Foster (RFB)Fabio (CB) Ferdinand (CB) Vidic (LFB) Evra (RW) Valencia (CM) Carrick (CM) Fletcher (LW) Rooney (F) Berbatov (S) Benzema

Now couple of things there, firstly – yes they did get Fabio and Rafael mixed up! I presume they meant Rafael, unless they think Fabio could be our next Denis Irwin! Secondly, Rooney is out on the left flank as opposed to his favoured central role. Thirdly, the addition of Karim Benzema.

Lyon have revealed that Benzema could indeed go to United and I have felt for a long time he would be an exceptional signing. So why not? What is stopping Lyon and France’s top marksman from coming to the Premier League and signing for the Champions? Possibly that he has stated he wants to stay in France till after the World Cup? Or maybe Real Madrid might borrow some more of the government’s money to finance their transfers? Who knows! But if we could get our hands on Valencia and Benzema – we will have one hell of a side – add Ribery into that equation and a certain Portuguese will be long forgotten.

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  1. Ya are a criminal! *lol*.

    A certain Portuguese….classic! + this was a gr8 way to put it:
    The general consensus is that for all his gifts and talents he never fully understood what it took to become a Manchester United legend – because no one person ever comes near.

    I think he was just incapable of understanding… so its not his fault.

    Cant wait for next season but I still hurt over the Barca game you know…

  2. The “certain Portugese” told the rest of the team that he was leaving them, just before the CL Final — and then proceeded to try and win it on his own.

    He completely demoraized the team and ruined the entire occasion with his customary selfishness.

    Let’s hope we draw the Fascists in the CL next year, eh?

  3. i think it`d not be good cuz I don`t want to see rooney play at left wing….no way…..he MUST play in the hole ONLY….SAF must not let last year`s situation repeat itself…..

  4. Flethcer and Carrick in the midfield are the problem that should be addressed. With all due respect, they are little more than workmanlike midfield add-on’s bookended by a world class defense and offense. We need a Keane or Robson like enforcer and leader in midfield to dictate terms, and a Scholes-like creative maestro to unlock the full potential of the forwards.

    We already have two star strikers in Berbatov and Rooney, and signing another top class talent used to first team football is only going to cause the same kind of headaches that the team experience with Tevez. Macheda and Wellbeck are more than capable understudies, not to mention that this is a United side that has a reputation for giving youth it’s chance.

    Same again for the wings. Why bring in Tosic if not to give him a chance to prove himself? Why hang on to Nani if the team does not intend giving him another shot – surely it would have been better to get rid of him by now?

    Bring in Valencia if need by, but forget about Benzema. Use the money where it’s needed and bring in some top midfield talent. United haven’t had a class midfield since the salad days of Keane and Scholes, and we can’t nak on the fact that Hargeaves will come back as sound as before, particularly when recent reports suggest he won’t even be ready for the start of the season, despite having an entire season off already.

    The only intangible in all this is Anderson, who promises so much but often fails to deliver. The kid could be anything, the next Gullit, but Fergie needs to give him free reign in the area he seems best suited to, which is as an attacking midfielder, not a stopper, which is a waste of his talents. The goals will come eventually.

  5. The last galacticos showed the might of money and egos. Hoffenheim showed the might of patience and spirit.

  6. And to add for the strikers no way in hell we are going to enter the season with 2 regular starters and 2 understudies. NEVER.

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